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Comodo HackerProof Trust Mark including Daily Vulnerability Scan

Buy New or Renew Your Existing Comodo HackerProof PCI Scanning and Trustmark

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The Comodo HackerProof service provides you with:

Hackerproof Pointtoverify

  • The best designed trustmark featuring exclusive technology to display on your website all from the brand recognized around the world for security and trust.
  • Daily vulnerability scanning that identifies security holes and ensures visitors your website meets HackerProof's trustmark standards.
  • A web-based management tool to analyze your visitor's interaction with HackerProof
  • It provides easy clean-up instructions if your site is infected
  • SiteInspector next dimension scanning for analyzing your website's security from a visitor's point of view
  • The Comodo name which is synonymous with trust and security to millions of consumers and businesses.

From your web-based control panel, you'll be able to schedule vulnerability scans, run reports, and more:

Web-based control panel

Product Specification

  • Best designed trustmark in the industry utilizes exclusive Comodo technology
  • World's best Trustmark Includes PCI Scanning tools at no charge
  • SiteInspector technology provides the next dimension in website scanning
  • It provides easy clean-up instructions if your site is infected
  • Comes up with Web based Management tool to analyze testing results

About HackerProof

HackerProof is a trustmark that is displayed on a website to build trust and confidence. Many studies have shown how a visual indicator that reminds visitors of their security helps improve sales conversion. Behind HackerProof is a powerful daily scanning engine that ensures HackerProof websites meet Comodo's standards. The interactive trustmark provides up to date scanning information to visitors for added assurance. HackerProof is also built with the website owner in mind. A powerful combination of tools keeps a website's security up-to-date and can even validate quarterly PCI compliance. Innovative new tools, such as SiteInspector, ensure that the website is on the bleeding edge of security and one step ahead or hackers. No other trustmark provides the robust features and value of Comodo's HackerProof

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