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 High security – 2048-bit digital signature key & up to 256-bit encryption

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Google Chrome Now Requires HTTPS On All Websites

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A blog or personal website...

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Comodo Positive SSL

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Comodo SSL

An ecommerce website...

(or any site that processes personal information)

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Comodo EV Positive SSL

A website with multiple subdomains
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Comodo Positive SSL Wildcard

Multiple websites (subdomains and domains)... 
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Protect My Base Domain + Additional Domains

Positive SSL Multi-Domain Wildcard

Price shown is for base + 2 additional domains. Add more starting at $72.31/year per domain. The base domain must be non-wildcard (eg, all additional domains may be wildcard (eg * to protect all subdomains.

Effective July 24th, 2018, Google Chrome is requiring all websites to use HTTPS. Any websites still using HTTP will trigger a "Not Secure" warning to users.

Will the "Not Secure" warning hurt my website?

Yes! According to a June 2018 research study, 51% of users say they will leave a website immediately if this "Not Secure" warning is displayed. In other words, a "Not Secure" warning could be scaring away half of your website users! In addition, Google is ranking HTTPS websites higher in search results, so they display to more potential customers.

It's Easy To Fix: Just Install An SSL Certificate On Your Site

It's easy to switch your site from showing a "Not Secure" warning to showing the green "Secure" marker. Adding an SSL certificate to your website enables HTTPS security on your website, protecting your user's privacy and security by encrypting information sent to and from your website. In just a few minutes, your site can show this:

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For 3 & 4 year certificates: To ensure the most up-to-date security that meets the latest CA/B Forum standards, you will need to regenerate your certificate (at no cost to you) after 2 years. Your certificate will initially be issued with 2 year validity, then extended after 21 months for the full term.