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Comodo Certificate Manager

Automated & comprehensive SSL management for large enterprises

Large enterprise companies have a unique set of needs given the volume of certificates they deal with. Comodo Certificate Manager (CCM) is designed to fix that problem. CCM frees you from the burden of manually managing your digital certificates. Comodo Certificate Manager is the industry-leading solution for Enterprise business, it's designed for automated digital certificate issuance and full-lifecycle management. Through its advanced certificate management capability and automatic discovery, CCM provides your business the ability to self-administer, instantly provision, and track & control all SSL certificates.

Comodo Certificate Manager makes Enterprise SSL management simple

Here's how CCM helps with SSL/TLS Automation:

  • Rapid Enrollment, approval, issuance, revocation and renewal of all digital certificates.
  • Issue certificates quickly within your intranets, extranets, websites and email clients.
  • Immediately improve your security infrastructure with powerful encryption.
  • Reduce administrative burdens and deployment time.
  • Automate client authentication and S/MIME certificate issuance.

Here's how CCM helps with user management

  • Create and manage individual administrators within your account.
  • Create unique user access control details and permissions.
  • Serve as the master administrator and determine permissions.
  • Manage certificate assets for individual departments, networks or domains.
  • Generate and delegate administrators by certificate type and lifecycle.

CCM keeps your network secure

  • Full visibility of all digital certificates
  • Never lose track of an expiring certificate
  • Issue new certificates instantly
  • Encrypt Corporate messages and emails
  • Delegate roles throughout your organization
  • Centralize all SSL certificate management
  • View comprehensive network reports

CCM Saves you money

You'll love all the money Comodo Certificate Manager can save you. You'll get access to deeply discounted Comodo products, reduce labor for your IT department, prevent the potential loss of sales and save money on your security requirements. It's simply the most affordable way to deploy SSL on a large scale.

Features of Comodo Certificate Manager

Comodo Certificate Manager is a robust platform that gives you the freedom and flexibility to completely manage your SSL certificates from one interface. Here are some of CCM's best features:

  • Auto Discovery Tool - Find all of the digital certificates on your network and bring their management under one roof.
  • Comodo's Certificate Authority - Get deep discounted on publicly trusted Comodo digital certificates and security products.
  • CCM Certificate Deployment - Instantly provision and deploy SSL certificates on a massive scale without having to jump through hoops.
  • Robust Reporting Capabilities - Role-based access to real-time, offline and monthly reports that improve your ability to manage resources.
  • Multiple Administrative Tiers - Create roles and delegate which employees can manage orders, renew and revoke SSL certificates
  • Automated Email Alerts - Get notified every time one of your SSL certificates is set to expire with CCM's automated alert system.
  • Full range of SSL certificates - You'll have access to Comodo's full line of SSL certificates, from simple DV all the way up to EV Multi-Domain.

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