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A Guide on How to Sign with Your Comodo EV Code Signing Certificate

Sign Your Code Using Comodo EV Code Signing

Now that you've successfully managed to set up SafeNet Authentication Client, it's time to put the shining armor of Comodo EV Code Signing on your code/application. Here's how to do it:

Before you begin, here is the checklist of the requirements that must be met to sign code. 

  • You must have finished the SafeNet setup process.
  • You must be using a Windows computer.
  • You must have installed Windows Development Kit.

If you've 'checked' all three of them, you're good to go. Here are the steps involved in the Code Signing process:

  1. First, plug in your token (Smart Card) in your computer
  2. Open SafeNet Client
  3. Now open the Command Prompt of your computer.
  4. Copy and Paste the following command: signtool sign /tr /td sha256 /fd sha256 /a "Insert_path_to_the_file_you_wish_to_sign "
  5. Once the command is entered, SafeNet will ask for your password, enter it.
  6. Once you enter your password, your application should get signed.

Verify your Signed Application

Before you start rolling out downloads for your end-users, it's always recommended to verify if the code has been appropriately signed. To do that, open up the folder where your application is located, right-click on the application, and click on Properties. Click on the Digital Signatures menu, and you'll see your EV Code Signing Certificate. If you can't see the Digital Signatures menu, there are pretty high chances that there was some mix up in the signing process. You'll need to go back and sign it again.

Everything went well? Great. Now you can start distributing your application and flaunt your name on it. And in case you have any questions, concerns, doubts, or troubles, feel free to contact our ever-available, super-friendly support team.

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