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Verify an SSL Certificate is Installed Properly

SSL installation is a dreaded topic for many people. After you've gone through the process of generating a CSR, ordering a certificate, sending the CSR to the CA, getting validated and finally getting your SSL certificate issued-you still have to install that darn thing! And that can be complicated. Different servers have different requirements, some installations take upwards of 20 steps. And then there's the whole "migrating your entire website to HTTPS" thing.

It's a huge headache. That's why we recommend letting us handle it for you. But, in the event you're feeling sporting and want to try it yourself, at least let us verify you got everything right-it's the least we could do.

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Check if your SSL Certificate is properly installed and trusted

The SSL Checker tool verifies that the SSL Certificate on your web server is installed correctly and trusted by the major web browsers. After finishing the check, this tool displays the Common Name, server type, issuer (CA), validity period, certificate chaining and a few other vital details.

Using the tool is simple. Just put your URL in the field below and click "Check." The tool will automatically test your domain to make sure that everything is installed and trusted.



Friendly Tip: This tool should be used after every SSL installation. It gives you instant assurance that you've installed correctly and that you're trusted by the browsers.

As usual, our SSL experts are always standing by. We offer world-class English-language support throughout the global workday.