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Domain Verification

Comodo needs to verify ownership of your domain

Domain Verification is a requirement for both Organization Validation and Extended Validation. Comodo needs to verify that you own your domain. Obviously, if Comodo didn't take this step it could issue a certificate to the wrong party. This is called mis-issuance and can lead to major penalties for certificate authorities.

How do I satisfy Domain Verification?

Domain Verification is fairly simple. Comodo is going to check the WHOIS record for the registered website and email the address that's listed. As long as you can respond to the email in the affirmative - stating that you are the owner and you did order the SSL certificate - Comodo will consider this requirement passed.

I can't access the email on the WHOIS record

Not a problem. There are a few ways around this. Perhaps the easiest is just updating the WHOIS record. It could be that there's a mistake with the record, you could have the record set to private-there are a number of possible reasons the WHOIS record might be failing to satisfy this requirement. If you can't update the record, or updating doesn't work there are two other methods:

  • Proof of Right Email - Comodo will also send the authentication to one of five pre-approved email addresses. If you can answer the email on one of these addresses Comodo will consider that proof of ownership. The addresses are:
  • Professional Opinion Letter - If you have an accredited accountant or attorney close by you can get them to fill out and notarize a form that states you own the domain. This also works for satisfying this requirement.

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