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Organization Authentication

Comodo just wants to make sure you're a legally registered entity

Organization Authentication is a requirement for both Organization Validation and Extended Validation. Before the requirement is satisfied Comodo needs to verify that your company or organization is a legitimate legal entity.

How do I satisfy Organization Authentication?

Comodo is going to take a look at your registration information and try to verify that your business is registered and active in your location. So, when you fill out your CSR and provide Comodo details before validation, it's really important that you double-check that everything is correct. Even a single typo can cause a delay in issuance. Additionally, if you operate under any trade names, assumed names or DBAs, all of that registration information needs to be up to date and accurate, too. Comodo will check your local government's online databases and check the details you supplied against the details that are listed.

My company's registration information isn't listed online

Don't worry, there are alternatives. Probably the easiest one is just to supply that information yourself. Anything that has been issued by your government, whether it's articles of incorporation, a chartered license or a DBA statement, should do the trick.

What other ways can I pass Organization Authentication?

There are two other ways to satisfy this requirement. You can get a Professional Opinion Letter or use a Dun & Bradstreet listing.

  • A Professional Opinion Letter is a document in which an attorney or accountant in good standing essentially vouches for the legitimacy of your organization.
  • Dun & Bradstreet is a financial reporting organization that can provide you with a comprehensive credit report that will also satisfy this requirement.

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