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Instant SSL - Instant Assurance & Powerful Encryption

Comodo's Organization Validation line is a great fit for Small to Medium-sized Businesses

The Comodo Instant SSL line is the company's Organization Validation line, providing light business authentication and powerful encryption to companies looking to do more than just the minimum. We live in an age where encryption is considered a baseline. It's expected. Don't do the minimum. Add instant credibility with Instant SSL certificates from Comodo.

Lowest Price

Light Business Authentication

Organization Validation requires Comodo to verify that a company is a legally registered entity. This can be done quickly if your business has public registration information. Once it's been done, your customers will be able to see verified information about your company or organization by clicking your site seal or viewing your certificate details.

Your Customers Will Thank You

Instant SSL certificates activate the standard SSL visual indicators, namely the "Secure" indicator. Nothing inspires trust quite like seeing the word "Secure" displayed prominently in your customers' address bar. But that's not all, Instant SSL certificates also provide your customers with verified business details to help keep them from getting phished.

A Range of Products

The Instant SSL features three different levels of OV SSL certificate as well as a Wildcard variety.

Strong Industry Standard Encryption

All Instant SSL certificates meet or exceed NIST and CAB Forum industry standards. In addition to being capable of Elliptic Curve Cryptography, Instant SSL certificates come standard with the SHA-2 hashing algorithm, 256-bit symmetric encryption strength and a 2048-bit RSA signature key.

We're in your corner!

Our team of highly-trained SSL specialists is always on standby-24/7. All you need to do is call or live chat with them and they can assist you with order, validating, issuing and installing your SSL certificate. And if you ever run into a problem after the fact, we'll help you with that, too. Our service is what sets up apart.

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