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Extended Validation SSL Certificates

EV SSL validates a business' identity, secures data and boost sales

Display your verified company name in the certificate details window to showcase your verified identity and prove trustworthiness. Set yourself apart from basic security and instill visitors’ confidence. EV SSL provides peace of mind, maximum customer assurance, and top-notch data security – it’s even proven to boost conversions.

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What is an EV SSL Certificate?

Extended Validation is the best SSL security and website assurance investment you can make. It's the validation type that provides the maximum level of assurance and consumer confidence that you can obtain from an SSL certificate. Not only do you get powerful encryption, data security, and the ability to protect your users' privacy – this SSL certificate also provides users irrefutable proof of identity through business authentication. It's a premium solution for companies that put the safety & security of their customers at the forefront of their business.

EV SSL certificates offer several important benefits:

People have grown overly cautious on the internet as a result of hackers and cybercrime. That's why being able to establish and showcase your identity, and build trust with consumers, is more critical than ever. Even more so than with the recent flood of low-end free DV SSL certificates in the market now.

It's Anti-Phishing

Extended Validation requires a company to prove its legally registered entity status, and in return, it showcases your company or organization’s name in the certificate details window. A fake phishing site can’t spoof this feature.

How Can I Recognize Extended Validation SSL?

You can see the verified company name when you click the padlock/tune icon and view the certificate details. Visitors can use unmistakable, verified proof of your company's identity to know who they’re dealing with.

Also, EV SSL comes with dynamic site seals that show your verified company name and location when clicked.

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Trust Translates into More Sales

When a visitor arrives at your website and sees the verified company name, two things pop into their head. The first is that you’re a legitimate business that has been verified by a globally recognized CA and trusted third party. And that, in turn, creates good will and a foundation of trust to begin any business transaction.

  • Boost Trust - Displaying a verified company name in the certificate details assures visitors you are who you say you are.
  • Boost Sales - When consumers trust you, it's easier for them to consider buying what you're selling. It's science. It's fact.

Who Needs EV SSL?

Anyone could use an EV SSL certificate, but there's industries, in particular, that may benefit the most from the reassurance and trust that an Extended Validation SSL certificate provides.

The e-commerce, medical and financial institutions need to establish a foundation of trust the most. After all, people are extremely careful with their money and their health. Give them even the slightest reason not to trust you and consumers will flee. EV SSL gets your foot in the door. The rest is up to you.

  • E-Commerce Companies - Trust is the cornerstone of e-commerce. Think about it, you're asking someone to trust that when they send you money, you will send a product in return. On the INTERNET. Trust is an absolutely paramount here.
  • Financial Institutions - One thing people don't play around with is their money. That's why it's critical that any financial institution go out of its way to establish trust in its customers. Especially nowadays when phishing is a rapidly increasing threat.
  • Healthcare Organizations - If there's one thing people prize over their money, it's their health. And with a record number of medical breaches lately, it's more important than ever that medical organizations inspire trust.


Isn't Extended Validation Cost-Prohibitive?

Maybe with some other Certificate Authorities – not with Comodo CA. Also, keep in mind that Extended Validation is proven to boost conversions, making EV an investment – not an expense. Eventually it will pay for itself.

What's the Difference Between OV and EV?

While both offer business authentication, EV provides greater identity and location verification than OV.

Is EV SSL Really Worth It?

Absolutely. EV SSL not only shows visitors that the website is encrypted but that a trusted third party has verified the organization’s identity. That assurance is even more important for e-commerce websites handling sensitive customer information. Put simply, EV SSL proves to visitors that the website is secure and trustworthy enough to enter their personal information and payment details.

What Other Benefits Does EV Offer?

EV SSL certificates also come with powerful dynamic site seals that are proven to boost conversions. They also come bundled with premium security products worth thousands of dollars, such as daily malware scanners. Not to mention the powerful encryption and data security they provide.

Is It Tough To Get EV SSL?

While the 16-point verification process may seem intimidating, companies with up-to-date registration information should find it straightforward and easy. Here’s what you can expect for the validation process:

  1. Verify domain control - Prove organizational control over the requested domain(s) by completing Domain Control Verification (DCV).
  2. Telephone verification - The main business phone number is called to confirm whether the signer listed on the agreement has the authority to sign, their employment status at the organization and more.
  3. Email verification - For additional details, the CA might contact the organization via email.

Read more about the EV SSL validation process.

Brands That Use Comodo EV

When your visitors see you have EV SSL, not only will they trust you, they'll view your brand differently. After all, you're aligning your brand with the best.

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Extended Validation SSL is an Investment

EV SSL is proven to build trust and boost conversions. Your certificate will pay for itself within a matter of months.

When 97% of consumers feel safer on sites with EV SSL, it's kind of hard to dispute its value. But consider this, according to the same study, 90% of consumers have canceled a transaction over security concerns. If you don't have EV SSL, just think about how much money you're potentially leaving on the table.

Can You Afford Not To Invest in EV SSL?

Whether you’re a budget-minded small business, a flourishing medium-sized company, or a massive enterprise, Comodo has the perfect Extended Validation SSL certificate for you.


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