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EV SSL makes a statement about your brand

Distinguish yourself and tell your customers who you are and what you stand for

More than anything, Extended Validation is about making a statement to your customers. By showcasing your business' name in major web browsers, you're standing out. Plus, EV SSLs display your organization's name and/or domain name in green color on the address bar, which is formerly known as 'green bar' in browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera. Customers take notice. And subconsciously they align your brand with some of the top brands in the world.

Show your customers who you are

When customers arrive at your website, they'll be greeted by a giant reminder of where they are. Depending upon the browser, they might see your organization's verified details after clicking on the padlock sign; or see organization's name, domain name or padlock sign in eye-catching green color on the address bar. And it's impossible to miss the impact it has on customer behavior. Not only are you telling your customers who you are, you're letting them know that you've made an investment in their security. That goes a long way, nowadays.

Align your brand with the biggest

Check the websites atop the Alexa Top 10 and you'll see most of them have an EV SSL certificate. Their websites look more impressive because their name is listed in your browser's UI. Now imagine your brand rubbing elbows with the big boys-because that's exactly what adding EV does in the minds of others.

Nothing proves authenticity like an EV SSL

With the recent rise in HTTPS phishing sites, EV SSL helps your website stand out. A recent study by the Georgia Institute of Technology found that websites with an EV SSL certificate have a 99.99% probability of being legitimate, trusted sites.

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If you want to display your verified company name in all major web browsers and make a statement about your brand, nobody offers better prices on EV than we do. Don't break the bank, make a statement about your brand and save some money, too.

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