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Verify Identity. Maximize Trust.

The Green Address Bar showcases your identity and puts customers at ease.


The green address bar feature is supported by Internet Explorer, some versions of Safari, and some other browsers. For browsers that don't have the green address bar feature, an EV SSL certificate will display your verified company name like this:

EV Bar

Stand Out from the Competition

Nothing says legitimacy like having your organization's name displayed next to the URL and the green padlock in the address bar. While other companies might be satisfied with the traditional visual indicators, you're showing your customers that your company goes the extra mile.

  • Align Your Brand with the Best - The world's top companies use EV SSL certificates. Joining their ranks makes a statement about your brand.
  • Show Your Commitment to Excellence - Extended Validation requires you to go above and beyond to prove your legitimacy. Your customers will thank you.

Improve Conversions. Make More Money

Tec-Ed did a study about the green address bar and came back with some interesting statistics:

  • 100% of internet users notice the green address bar
  • 97% of internet users prefer to shop on websites with a green address bar
  • 77% of users wouldn't do business with a site that doesn't have the green address bar

77%! Think about how much more money you could be making. Think about how many customers could be writing your website off completely just because you don't have the right security. The research confirms that adding EV SSL improves conversion rates. It's a small detail, but it makes a big difference to show customers the green padlock in the address bar.

Don't Let Your Customer Get Phished.

Per Symantec, a whopping 85% of companies have been affected by phishing. Either in the form of being attacked or impersonated. A green address bar offers verified proof of identity. That means your customers will know when it's really you, and perhaps more importantly-when it's not. Having a green browser bar indicates you take the threat of phishing seriously and that you've taken every measure to protect your customers.

Green Means Go!

You know you need encryption. But only EV SSL pays for itself over time and builds an immediate foundation of trust. You CAN buy trust. It's called Extended Validation SSL.

Add The Green Address Bar To Your Customers' Web Browsers

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