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Final Verification Phone Call

Just answer your phone, that's it.

The Final Verification phone call is the final validation step for both Organization Validation and Extended Validation. Comodo simply needs to call either the person that made the order, or the specified company contact to verify some details. It's really just a matter of answering your phone.

What is the Final Verification Call?

Before Comodo can issue your SSL certificate it needs to call you on your company's listed phone number and verify the orders of the detail. In a sense this kind of ties all the previous steps together. It shows that you're a real company in the sense that a real employee is actually answering the company phone during business hours. Provided you can take the call, Comodo will close the book on your validation and issue your SSL certificate.

But, I don't answer the company phone line

No problem. Comodo understands that this is going to be case most of the time. Basically you just need to make sure that Comodo can connect with you via the company phone line. Whether that means having a co-worker put his hand over the receiver and call your name down the hall or working through the phone system, Comodo will attempt it.

  • Extension or Interactive Voice Response - If you have an extension, Comodo will dial it. So make sure that your extension is either listed or you need to provide it to Comodo.
  • Transfer or Alternative Number - The person who answers your company's listed phone number can also connect Comodo with your phone, or else provide an alternative number.

Now just answer the CA's questions and your certificate will be emailed to you in no time.

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