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Site Hacked?
Fix Your Website Immediately with SiteLock

Get your website back to normal in just a few hours
with SiteLock's Fix My Site service

  • Step 1:

    Choose Plan

    Choose a SiteLock Fix My
    Site Plan

  • Step 2:

    SiteLock Engineer

    A SiteLock engineer will
    respond within 1 hour

  • Step 3:

    Website cleaned

    Your site will be cleaned
    and back to normal!

Hacked Site? Get it fixed today and move on!

Fix My Site

Get Your Site Fixed Now

Choose your SiteLock plan and get your site back to working order!

  • 1 hour response time, guaranteed
  • Get your site back to working order quickly
  • A SiteLock engineer will manually fix your site
  • Keep your site secure with ongoing protection


Response Time
Phone & Email Support
Automatic Site Cleaning
Manual Site Cleaning
Database Cleaning
Basic Daily Security Scans
Full Daily Security Scans
Website Backup
Automatic Security Fixes
Prevent Future Hacks
Block Attacks (WAF)

Fix My Site

1 hour
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$199.00 One Time $179.00 Save 40%

Fix My Site
+ Ongoing Protection Recommended

1 hour
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$12.42/month + $10.25/month Save 25%

SiteLock Fixes All Types of Website Hacks

  • Defaced / broken website
  • Spammy links to porn and pharmacy websites
  • Unexpected popups on your website
  • Spam emails being sent to your customers
  • Unable to login to your website
  • Blacklist warnings when visiting your site
  • Google Ads suspended for "malware"
  • Malware warning showing in Google results
  • Backdoor access malware
Website Hacks
Security Engineer

Get Your Site Professionally Fixed by a Security Engineer

With SiteLock Fix My Site, you won't have to "figure things out"—everything will be handled by your assigned SiteLock security engineer. This includes:

  • Removing malware and returning your website to normal working condition
  • Ensuring that all malware (including backdoors) are removed
  • Setting up ongoing protection (if selected) to keep hackers from returning
  • Providing you with security recommendations (such as changing passwords) to protect your site

SiteLock Cleans Your Website From Top To Bottom

  • Detect and remove malware. SiteLock carefully removes the malware from your website files and database.
  • Find and fix the root cause. SiteLock will find and address the weakness hackers used to break into your website so it won't happen again.
  • Ensure a thorough job so hackers can't return. SiteLock removes backdoors hackers could use to come back and re-hack your site.
  • Manually cleaned for better results. Automated tools can't find everything—an engineer from the SiteLock security team will manually review your website to ensure it's 100% clean.
  • Get your site back to working order. Your security engineer will take care of all the steps to get your site working correctly.
SiteLock Cleans Website

SiteLock Protects Your Site Against Future Hacks

After a hacker successfully attacks your site once, there's a good chance they'll come back and try again.
SiteLock adds 9 layers of protection to keep hackers out of your website in the future!

  • Daily Security Scans

    Daily Security Scans

    SiteLock scans your website files and database for malware, vulnerabilities, and other threats.

  • Malware Removal

    Malware Removal

    It doesn't just scan, SiteLock will automatically remove any malware it finds.

  • Daily Security Scans

    Blacklist Monitoring

    SiteLock detects if your site is blacklisted, so your marketing isn't impacted!

  • Daily Security Scans

    Vulnerability Auto-Patching

    SiteLock automatically patches vulnerabilities in WordPress and other CMS platforms.

  • Daily Security Scans

    Web Application Firewall (WAF)

    Stops threats before they reach your site. Includes customizable rules as well!

  • Daily Security Scans

    Content Delivery Network (CDN)

    Ensure your website loads quickly with SiteLock's highly optimized worldwide CDN.

  • Daily Security Scans

    Website Backup

    Automatic daily backups of your site files and database make it easy to "undo" any problems in the future.

  • Daily Security Scans

    DDOS Protection

    The WAF & CDN are your DDOS stoppers. They work together to slow & block potential DDOS requests.

  • Daily Security Scans

    Bad Bot Prevention

    Bad bots are like automated evil pawns for hackers – SiteLock keeps them away.

SiteLock Has Helped 1,000s of Clients Get Their Websites Back Online

  • "When online visitors searched for, a red screen displayed stating, "Beware! This site is infected with malware." After calling SiteLock, our website was up and running within hours."

    Tracy Vic's Tree Service

  • "I was faced with exactly what I was afraid of, my site had been hacked. I was not able to do much to fix it myself, it was already too late. Someone [at SiteLock] answered right away and I was happy to hear a friendly voice on the other end and not some automated machine. I was so anxious that I called back several times to check on the progress, and SiteLock was very friendly in keeping me up to date on the process."

    Lydia Swanson

  • "SiteLock took the time to explain to me exactly what was wrong with my website and helped recommend the right security solution to prevent my site from being hacked again. I was so impressed because SiteLock worked directly with my hosting provider to ensure all issues were taken care of and that my website was back up and running smoothly before we hung up the call."

    Dawn Business Owner

  • "Our site was down and we didn't know what had happened. Our hosting provider found malware on the website and took it offline. Not only that, but the site was blacklisted by Google, so if people searched ‘whale watcher,' they received the Google Blacklist warning, ‘this site may be hacked,' it was a scary and overwhelming experience. SiteLock leapt into action to identify and resolve the issue, and get back in business quickly."

    Melissa Marchand Hyannis Whale Watcher Cruises

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