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Comodo HackerGuardian PCI Scan Control Center

PCI Scanning enables vendors to authenticate 10 fully featured on-demand PCI scans per quarter on up to 5 servers using the full complement of over 30,000 individual vulnerability tests with more added daily. The HackerGuardian Additional IP Address pack allows you to gain strength of scanning for additional external and internal IP addresses.

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Benefits of using PCI Scanning

  • Free PCI Scan is valid for 90 days and allows merchants to achieve PCI scan compliancy free of charge.
  • PCI Scan Compliancy Service on-demand security auditing service. Provides PCI Scan compliance reports and includes free Payment Credential CVC.
  • Gain PCI scan compliant with vulnerability scanning by a PCI Approved Scanning Vendor
  • Get 'Ready-to-submit' PCI Compliance reports to send to your merchant bank
  • Detailed reports identify security holes exposed by HackerGuardian's 30,000+ tests and contain actionable fix recommendations
  • PCI 'self assessment' questionnaire available via online wizard
  • Secure web-based interface allows you to schedule up to ten PCI scans per quarter on up to five servers
  • IP Address Packs can be added to your license to allow you to scan additional external and internal IP addresses

You'll be able to manage all these features and access your reports anytime from the convenient online dashboard:

PCIscan Dashboard

Product Specification

  • Painlessly perform PCI scanning
  • Easily manage your scanning needs
  • Detailed vulnerability reports
  • PCI Compliance reports
  • Custom Remediation plans
  • Unlimited scans available
  • Scalable from 1 – 10K IPs
  • On-demand scheduling
  • User configurable scanning tool

Simple PCI scanning tool starting at $102.83/year

The data security standards set by the Payment Card Industry (PCI) are mandatory requirements for anyone who accepts, processes, or stores credit card data. Comodo knows how painful PCI compliance can be, which is why we have created HackerGuardian PCI scanning and SAQ wizard tools to help make your path to PCI compliance as painless as possible. The HackerGuardian PCI scanning tool scans your externally-facing IPs and generates reports detailing any vulnerability found. It also supplies you with the information you need to fix any vulnerability issues. All the necessary documentation you need to send to your bank to validate quarterly PCI compliance is also included in our PCI scanning solutions. The HackerGuardian PCI scans offer scalable and flexible solutions for all your scanning needs.

Painless PCI

The data security standards set by the Payment Card Industry Council can be very confusing and daunting. Comodo understands how painful PCI compliance can be. This is why we've developed solutions for painlessly meeting PCI requirements. Thousands of organizations from level four merchants to enterprise level organizations choose Comodo for their PCI compliance solutions. With vulnerability reports, custom mitigation advice, and the necessary documents to send to your bank, our comprehensive PCI solutions help you every step of the way. Comodo realizes that complying with the security measures set by the Payment Card Industry is no easy task, but we also recognize that maintaining high level security online for all e-commerce merchants and their customers is something that will benefit everyone. This is precisely why we have simplified the PCI scanning requirement and annual SAQ into accessible methods to help you validate your compliance.

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