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Multi Domain SSL - 4 SAN included

Multi-domain certificates (MDC) allow you to secure anywhere from two to 250 domains with one SSL certificate. Consolidate your SSL management process and manage the SSL encryption for all of your domains under just one SSL certificate for multiple domains. You can start by implementing a Comodo Multi-Domain SSL Certificate.

Buy New or Renew Your Existing Comodo Multi Domain SSL Certificate

Additional Domains :
Quantity :
  • Total Domains:4
  • Your Savings:$ 10.00
  • Total:$ 208.00

Important! To ensure the most up-to-date security that meets the latest CA/B Forum standards, you will need to regenerate your certificate (at no cost to you) after 2 years. More details...

Features & Benefits

  • Secure up to 250 unique domains
  • Save money over purchasing several SSLs
  • Save time over managing several certificates
  • Trusted by over 99% of the browsers
  • 128/256 bit encryption
  • Unlimited Server
  • Unlimited Reissue of Certificate Life time
  • Full Business Validation
  • FREE 24/7 Technical Support
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!
  • Secures all domains on your shared hosting environment with one certificate
  • Issued In 1-3 days
  • 1 year free PCI scanning service, 1 year free daily website vulnerability scanning.

Product Specification

  • Secures All Domains on your Shared Hosting Environment with One Certificate
  • 1-3 Days
  • $250,000
  • Full Business Validated Certificate
  • 128/256-bit Encryption
  • 99.9% Web and Mobile Browser Compatibility
  • Free Unlimited Server Licenses
  • Unlimited
  • Real-time verification COMODO Static Site Seal

A Multi-Domain Certificate (MDC) is ideal for organizations with multiple unique domains hosted on a single server. You can Save time and money while still providing a high level of trust and security. Compare the cost of purchasing many individual certificates to secure all your domains to purchasing a single multi-domain certificate (MD SSL) that can consolidate as many as 250 domain names and you will see how cost-effective a multi-domain certificate can be.

This highly-secure SSL certificate is perfect for any environment required to secure multiple domain names with a single certificate. You can add, edit or delete domains any time with a Comodo Multi Domain SSL. This fully business validated certificate comes with unlimited server licenses and unlimited re-issuing, along with 99% compatibility of all of the browsers. It's an affordable, convenient and flexible option that saves you money and time compared to managing several certificates.

Comodo MDC supports up to 256-bit encryption and industry standard 2048-bit private keys that ensure users that the information transferred is fully secured. Comodo MDC can secure up to 5 total domains straight out of the box (1 primary domain + 4 additional domains SANs) and then you can add even more additional domains (up to 250) as needed.

For example, a multi-domain certificate can secure the following types of domain(s):

  • any-domain.any-tld

Get a multi-domain SSL for as little as $171.91/year

Validation Required

Please note: This product requires you to complete Telephone Verification. For new customers/orders after October 6th, 2016, Comodo requires either a Dun and Bradstreet, listing, or a Legal Opinion Letter to complete telephone verification. Other third party telephone directories such as will not be accepted after this date. If you cannot complete these options, please contact support at as we have other solutions that may be easier for you to complete.

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