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SSL Brands - Explore Comodo's Various SSL Certificate Brands

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SSL certificates, also called TLS certificates, are the foundation of website security. Whether you want to validate your identity, secure your connection, or to save your website from browser warnings - you NEED an SSL certificate now more than ever. SSL certificate has gone from being a luxury to an absolute necessity.

To satisfy the needs and budgets of every customer segment, Comodo operates a various set of sub-brands offering its SSL/TLS certificates.

From a single domain DV SSL to Multi-Domain EV SSL, these brands feature SSL certificates fitting everyone's needs. Each certificate has over 99.9% browser recognition and 256-bit encryption as standard.

Comodo SSL Certificates

Comodo is the world's biggest certificate authority (CA) in the world with around whopping 40% SSL market share. Comodo's reputation comes second to none, and its customers in over 150 countries will tell you that. From a single domain DV SSL to all the way up to EV Multi-Domain SSL/TLS certificates - Comodo has everything you need.

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Positive SSL Certificates by Comodo

Positive SSL certificates by Comodo are by far the cheapest SSL certificates available in the market. Whether you want to encrypt your website quickly with minimal validation level (DV), you want to save a few bucks on EV SSL certificate - Positive SSL has got it covered for you.

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Essential SSL Certificates by Comodo

Essential SSL is a product line from Comodo that lives up to its name. It offers everything that is essential for encryption and nothing more. It's an ideal fit for someone who wants a basic, no-frills DV SSL certificate at a rock-bottom price. You even get the provision to protect unlimited sub-domains with Essential SSL.

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Instant SSL Certificates by Comodo

Instant SSL is a product line from Comodo offering its Organization Validation (OV) SSL products. Instant SSL involves light business authentication and powerful encryption to companies looking to do more than just the minimum. We live in an age where encryption is considered a baseline. It's expected. Don't do the minimum. Add instant credibility with Instant SSL certificates from Comodo.

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Enterprise SSL Certificates by Comodo

As the name suggests, Enterprise SSL line has been designed specifically for of the enterprise clients, with each of its product serving a unique purpose. Whether you're securing internal domains and IPs or public-facing ones, there's a certificate that will secure your web infrastructure while saving you money and easing your administrative burdens. To make it even better, all the certificates feature best-in-industry warranty-up to $2 million.

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