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Enterprise SSL - A Certificate for Every Enterprise Need

Agile, scalable encryption solutions for enterprise clients with various needs

Enterprise SSL is designed specifically for enterprise clients, each certificate in the line has a specific use case. Whether you're securing internal domains and IPs or public-facing ones, there's a certificate that will secure your web infrastructure while saving you money and easing your administrative burdens. Best of all, you'll be backed by a best-in-industry warranty-up to $2 million. Our enterprise clients have plenty of other things to worry about-SSL shouldn't be one of them.

A Use-Case for Every Product

One of the biggest advantages of the Enterprise SSL line is that there's a product for every use case. Have a look:

Use Case
Enterprise SSL
Securing internal domains and IPs
Enterprise SSL Pro
Securing internal domains and IPs
Enterprise SSL Pro Wildcard
Securing internal domains with sub-domains
Enterprise SSL Pro EV
Securing external-facing domains and IPs
Enterprise SSL Pro EV Multi-Domain
Securing multiple external-facing domains

Scalable Solutions

Whether you're just encrypting a few domains and IPs, or whether your web infrastructure is massive, Enterprise SSL certificates provide a scalable solution. Cover a little. Cover a lot. These SSL certificates have the flexibility to meet every need.

Lowest Price

Choosing the Right Validation Level

  • OV SSL - You don't need an EV certificate for internal-facing domains. It's an unneeded cost. Organization Validation is more than sufficient for securing internal domains and IPs because employees can be trained to verify certificate details at the outset. Also, OV SSL is great for controlling internal security policies.
  • EV SSL - Public-facing websites need Extended Validation-especially at the Enterprise level. Beyond the statement it makes about your brand, it's the only thing you can do to help prevent your customers from getting phished-and you owe them that. Align yourself with the largest brands in the world. Go EV!

Impenetrable Encryption

The entire Enterprise SSL line meets or exceeds industry standards. They come standard with 256-bit symmetric encryption strength and a 2048-bit RSA signature key. Elliptic Curve Cryptography is also available. It would take a supercomputer several thousand years to break this encryption. So, rest easy. You're secure.

Unparalleled Warranty Protection

The stakes are higher for enterprise clients. That's just a fact. If anything goes wrong on an enterprise-level website, it can costs millions of dollars. That's why Comodo is backing all of its Enterprise SSL certificates with industry-best warranties. That's $1.5-million for OV certificates and $2-million for EV. Rest easy, if Comodo ever makes a mistake that costs you money-you're covered.

Ask about our Enterprise Program

We don't just sell Enterprise products, we have an entire program devoted to Enterprise clients. Not only will you get a dedicated account manager, you'll receive better pricing and assistance with certificate management. If certificate discovery, ordering, validation, installation and management is a headache for your organization-we can help.

Explore Enterprise Program

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