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Easy & Scalable Protection Against Email-Based Threats

91% of Hacks Originate From a Phishing Email – Protect Your Organization With Comodo S/MIME

The annual cost of data breaches and business email compromises reaches into the billions of dollars. There’s no magic bullet that stops this threat, but S/MIME certificates are a proven way to reduce your organization’s risk.

Comodo makes it easier than ever to implement and manage S/MIME certificates across your entire organization—so you can protect your team from email and phishing attacks.

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See how Comodo S/MIME protects your company

Comodo S/MIME Adds Two Layers Of Protection To Your Emails

Verify Sender Identity

Have no fear when opening emails and associated attachments. With Comodo S/MIME, you’ll be sure that the sender is authentic, and your recipients will know that it was really you who sent the email. It works by using your private key to sign outbound emails. Incoming emails are decrypted the same way. Finally, your public key confirms your signature and is what encrypts emails that are being sent your way.

Keep Messages Confidential

Our emails contain all sorts of private data – sensitive personal information, financial data, and confidential company secrets. Its essential to your business that they are kept safe. S/MIME provides end-to-end encryption that prevents outside attackers from getting in. You’re protected even if a hacker manages to get their hands on your emails – they’ll be useless to them without your private key.

3 Reasons To Use S/MIME

Prevent Data Breaches

Prevent Data Breaches

It wouldn’t take long for an attacker to find some juicy, valuable information if they gained access to your emails. S/MIME ensures that your private data stays a secret, even if someone is able to steal your emails.

Avoid Costly Phishing Attacks

Avoid Costly Phishing Attacks

Consider the fact that 95% of data breaches directly result from phishing and other email attacks. It’s the most direct route into a company for an attacker. S/MIME displays verified identify info so you can easily spot scammers.

Maintain Compliance

Maintain Compliance

Protecting your data isn’t just something that’s smart to do – it’s actually required by numerous laws and regulations. S/MIME helps you avoid costly fines thanks to encryption. With Comodo, it’s also easy to implement S/MIME across your enterprise.

S/MIME Doesn’t Just Protect Email

Comodo S/MIME Certificates can safeguard more than just emails. These flexible certificates can be deployed in several other ways that increase security and lessen the workload on your staff.

Network & VPN Access

When an attacker gains access to your network, all bets are off. Keep them out by controlling access. Comodo certificates can’t be stolen or shared like regular old passwords.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Make your login processes even more secure. MFA adds an additional layer of protection. Reduce the risk of breaches by only providing access to authorized users.

Document Signing

Microsoft Office documents are shared everyday, all over the planet. They are also a common attack vector for the bad guys. Prevent document tampering with Comodo certificates.

Zero-Touch S/MIME Lets You Deploy With a Single Click

Comodo Zero-Touch is a feature of Comodo Certificate Manager that lets you automatically deploy S/MIME certificates within your company. It gives you the power to:

  • Install S/MIME certificates (public and/or private) from one platform
  • Easily manage your certificates thanks to Active Directory integration and a streamlined process that your end-users won’t even see
  • Leverage the power of S/MIME on common mail programs such as Apple Mail, Microsoft Outlook and Exchange
  • Setup your gateway to scan mail for security risks
  • Get back lost keys with the help of Comodo’s key history and escrow functionality

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