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Make a Statement About Your Brand

Tell your customers who you are, and let them know they can trust you.

Display your verified company name in all major web browsers and tell your visitors who you are. It shows them that you've made an investment in security. It elevates your brand.

The Power of Identity

With the recent rise in HTTPS phishing sites, EV SSL helps your website stand out. A recent study by Georgia Tech's Cyber Forensics Innovation (CyFI) Lab concluded that "...the probability that an EV SSL certificate is associated with bad domains is less than 0.00013 or less than 0.013 %. Which means that EV SSL certificates are highly unlikely to be linked to domains that are associated with underground forums and marketplaces or malware/cybercrime activities."

Are you leaving money on the table?

Align Your Brand with the Best

All the top companies have Extended Validation certificates. And when your visitors see your name in green in the address bar or on the certificate and site seals, they make an association between your company and those brands. In that moment, your brand is in the same esteem as the biggest companies in the world. EV SSL empowers your brand.

Leveraging Trust

There are many compliance laws and frameworks that require SSL, including GDPR, PCI, HIPAA, CCPA, FIPS, etc. Some of these (such as the European Banking Authority) mandate EV SSL certificates for compliance, and the option of recommending or requiring EV SSL certificates for more industries and companies is under discussion.

EV shows your organization’s authenticity; it makes a statement about your brand and about your company's stance on web security. That statement is that you're legitimate-that you're trustworthy. Nothing else on the internet offers this level of instant assurance.

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