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EV SSL Certificate Enrollment Form

Fill out a form and return it to Comodo, simple

With Extended Validation SSL, the first step in the validation process is simply to fill out the enrollment form. Easy, right? The form is just a single page and just requires a little bit of information about your organization, as well as you and a designated contact that can verify your employment.

What is the EV Enrollment Form?

The EV Enrollment form is very straightforward. You can find a copy of the Comodo EV Enrollment Form here. Throughout this process, you will be the organizational contact. This means you will have to field a phone call and verify the order details at the end of validation. The point of the enrollment form is basically to verify that you are an employee of the organization you claim to be representing, and that you are acting in good faith. Provided you are, Comodo will move right on with the validation process.

What Information does the EV Enrollment Form Ask For?

The enrollment form (sometimes referred to as an Acknowledgement of Agreement) is focused on the organizational contact. It wants information like the contact's official title, their signature, the date and the place of signing. And despite the digital nature of the product you're purchasing, digital signatures are not accepted. Stamped signatures aren't either. Instead you'll have to print the form and sign it for real. Then you can scan it or fax it to Comodo. You could probably mail it, too. But that would take forever.

Choose Your EV SSL Certificate

Before you submit the EV Enrollment Form, you'll need to choose and purchase a Comodo EV SSL.

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