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Cyber Security Operations Center (CSOC)

A team of cybersecurity specialists keeping 24/7 vigil over your website

Having your own Cyber Security Operations Center sounds sexy, but it's cost-prohibitive for all but the biggest of companies-right? Wrong! cWatch Web provides you with your very own CSOC, staffed by a team of GIAC-certified experts, keeping 24/7 vigil over your website.

How Comodo's CSOC keeps your website secure

Our CSOC is staffed 24/7 with GIAC-certified security analysts, who:

  • monitor trends and analytics across the web to identify new threats
  • use data provided by machine learning techniques to forecast threats
  • monitor your website 24/7 for any issues
  • if an issue is detected on your website, respond and fix it immediately
  • forensic analysis of any identified issue or breach
  • send you an incident report after it has been resolved
  • provide support via chat and email


Meet your cybersecurity team

Comodo's Cyber Security Operations Center is home to some of the sharpest minds in cybersecurity. Here's who is behind the team that will oversee your website security:


Carlos Solari

VP, Cyber Security Services

25+ years of security experience with the White House, Fortune 500, and the FBI

Carlos leads Comodo’s CSOC team. He gained a wealth of experience during his time as CIO of the White House, IT Executive at the FBI, Adjunct Professor of Information Security at George Mason University, and author of Security in a Web 2.0+ World.

The best in the business have your back

Outsource your website security team to the world's top cybersecurity company:

  • Companies have trusted us to keep them secure for over 20 years
  • Over 150-million installs of Comodo antivirus software
  • Threat data from 85+ million endpoints
  • 100+ million websites secured

Small and medium businesses can't afford to hire, train, and maintain full time cybersecurity teams. Now you can have one of the best teams in the business on-call 24/7, protecting your website.

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