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Comodo's Fully-Managed Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Blocking hackers, DDoS attacks, and other threats before they reach your site

The cWatch Web Fully-Managed Web Application Firewall is a state-of-the-art intrusion prevention system that blocks hackers and other threats before they reach your website.

How does a Web Application Firewall Work?

Comodo's Fully-Managed WAF is like a brick wall around your website - only approved visitors are allowed through the gate. The WAF filters traffic before it ever gets to your server and removes any dangerous or spam requests. It also provides virtual patching and hardening engines that act as real-time threat mitigation without impacting the speed or performance of your website.

What makes the cWatch Web WAF different?

The key to a highly effective firewall is being able to accurately distinguish dangerous traffic from legitimate website visitors. cWatch's secret is the "brain" behind our firewall:

  • Database of threats includes 8,000+ malware signatures and 10,000 known vulnerabilities
  • 85 million endpoints monitoring for new threats
  • 10 terabytes of security logs analyzed every day to identify new threats
  • Artificial Intelligence-based Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) system automatically identifies new threats
  • 24/7 GIAC-certified cybersecurity team analyzing data to identify new threats
  • 500+ active correlation rules running, with more added in realtime to counteract new threats before they can impact your website

Comodo's SIEM uses all this data to make real-time decisions to accurately filter out all dangerous requests while allowing all legitimate website visitors.

The cWatch WAF Protects Against

  • OWASP 10 Threats
  • DDoS Attacks
  • Bad Bots
  • Spam
  • Web Scrapers
  • Zero Day Attacks
  • Brute Force Attacks
  • And Much More...

cWatch's Fully-Managed WAF removes malicious requests and hack attempts before they reach your website. More impressively, it continuously learns and uses that intel to make your website more secure in the future.

Stops Zero Day Attacks

When a vulnerability is discovered in a piece of software, there's usually a number of days, weeks, or even months before the software maker can deliver a patch - that’s what is called a Zero Day vulnerability. Hackers across the globe will try to take advantage of this "window of opportunity" to hack your website.

cWatch's Fully-Managed WAF applies a virtual patch to your WAF within minutes of any vulnerability being disclosed. This blocks attackers from exploiting a zero day vulnerability until a patch can be directly applied to your website. Few other security solutions are able to address zero day vulnerabilities so quickly.

DDoS Protection

The cWatch WAF works hand-in-hand with the content delivery network (CDN) to mitigate denial of service attacks. With 29 different nodes across the globe (each with standard with 10G and 100G ports) cWatch can "divide and conquer" even the largest denial of service attacks.

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