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What's Involved in Organization Validation?

Validation for OV SSL is straightforward for legitimate businesses

Organization Validation is a great idea because it affords you the opportunity to build trust with your customers. By having Comodo, a respected international security company, vet your business, you're demonstrating your legitimacy to the world. Those verified details will go in your certificate information and become viewable by anyone that wants to look.

Organization Validation Overview

Organization Validation typically takes 1-3 business days, though we can expedite it for you if you need to get through it quicker. As long as your registration information is up to date, this won't be difficult.

Organization Authentication

This is extremely simple. Comodo is just going to check your company's registration information to make sure that you're a legitimate legal entity.

Locality Presence

To verify your locality presence, Comodo will check your official registration documents to make sure you have an active legal presence in your registered location.

Telephone Verification

Comodo is going to verify that your company has a listed phone number. Simple. If your company isn't listed in a trusted directory, there are alternate methods too.

Domain Verification

Similar to what takes place with Domain Validation, Comodo is going to verify that you own the registered domain using email-, file- or CNAME-based authentication.

Final Verification

Upon completion of the other four requirements, a representative from Comodo will call your to verify the details of the certificate order.

We can expedite the validation process

Do you need your certificate, like, yesterday? We can help. Just contact us via the live chat box in the bottom-right corner of your screen, or call us. We'll get to work speeding up your order.

Need help installing?

We would be glad to help you install your SSL certificate, too. For just $59.99 one of our well-trained SSL experts will work on your behalf to install the certificate and configure your server. We've done thousands of these installations, it's really no problem.

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