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Not all client SSL certificates are created equal – defend your organization with the best!

Passwords aren’t cutting it anymore. They’re easy to crack. People reuse them. Organizations can’t rely solely on passwords to keep attackers out. Two-factor authentication is the gold standard but implementing it can seem like a big challenge. With a Comodo Client Certificate, also called a Personal Authentication Certificate, issuance is fast, enabling swift implementation. And, with universally trusted roots, you won’t need to set aside time for extra configuration. Whether it’s your organization’s equipment or devices your employees bring from home, Comodo Client Certificates make implementing two-factor authentication quick and painless.


Max. Term
Validation Requirements
Certificate Fields
Email Encryption
Email Signing
Client Authentication
Document Signing
Price From

Basic Strict Mailbox
Validated S/MIME

2 Years
Email Verification
Icon Checkmark
Icon Checkmark
Icon Checkmark
Icon Checkmark
₹ 2,819.39/year₹ 1,204.97/year(Save 57%.)

Pro Multipurpose Mailbox
Validated S/MIME

2 Years
Email Validation
Icon Checkmark
Icon Checkmark
Icon Checkmark
Microsoft Office & OpenOffice Signing
₹ 6,768.79/year₹ 2,738.39/year(Save 60%.)

Enterprise Multipurpose Organization
Validated S/MIME

2 Years
Email ValidationOrganization Validation
[email protected]Organization Name
Icon Checkmark
Icon Checkmark
Icon Checkmark
Microsoft Office & OpenOffice Signing
₹ 10,718.19/year₹ 3,649.17/year(Save 66%.)

Need 50+ client certificates? Contact our Enterprise sales team for the lowest pricing as well as powerful solutions for implementing client SSL certificates at scale.

Two-factor Authentication Doesn't Have to Be a Pain

Too often, two-factor authentication feels like more of an annoyance than a benefit to your employees. Enter a password and wait for a code. Or pay for expensive RNG devices for the entire organization. With SSL two-factor authentication, everything takes place seamlessly behind the scenes. Rather than simply being one-way, during the handshake the server authenticates the client, too. In the time it takes your employees to enter their password, device authentication will already have taken place using the client certificate installed on their device.

Did an employee leave the company? Comodo Client Certificates support certificate revocation through CRL and OCSP, protecting the integrity of your organization’s perimeter.

Client Authentication Certificates That Do So Much More

Whereas other CAs get stingy with their client certificates, Comodo is as generous as they come. Key usage permissions are just a single line of code in the certificate, and unlike most CAs, Comodo CA sets client certificate usage permissions so you can:

  • Authenticate clients/devices
  • Sign emails
  • Encrypt emails
  • Sign documents
  • Encrypt documents

Comodo Client Certificates, also known as Personal Authentication Certificates, can help protect all communications to and from that device.

Signing and Encrypting Email

Whenever you want to send an important email from a device that's been secured with a Comodo client certificate, simply choose the option to sign, and even encrypt, from the drop down menu in the message draft window. Signed emails will show your verified signature.

The encrypted email will be readable by only the party with the corresponding key. Email encryption also helps with compliance requirements that call for encrypting data at rest.

Signing and Encrypting Documents

Email isn't the only thing that needs signing. Sometimes an important presentation or proposal needs to be signed, sealed and delivered in a secure fashion. Comodo Personal Authentication Certificate help assert the creator’s identity, verify the document's integrity and even protect it from the prying eyes of attackers and thieves. Encrypting documents also counts towards compliance requirements calling the encryption of data at rest. Note that if you need to sign PDF documents, we recommend our Adobe Approved document signing certificate.

Client Certificate Deployment at Scale

Comodo Certificate Manager has revolutionized the way certificates are handled by Enterprise clients. After upgrading the interface and adding support for the ACME protocol, Comodo CA has made the deployments of all types of X.509 PKI certificates zero-touch, making mass deployment of client or device certificates easy and painless. If you plan on deploying a large quantity of Comodo Client Certificates, please contact us – we can ensure you get the best pricing.

Comodo Certificate Manager makes client certificate management easy! Learn more...

Trust is Key

After building its reputation over the course of 20 years as Comodo CA, in 2018 it rebranded as Sectigo. Since then, Comodo CA (powered by Sectigo) has overhauled its award-winning Certificate Management platform and made a strong push into post-quantum cryptography and IoT security. Comodo is a name the world knows and trusts. Its certificates are universally recognized by browsers and OSs. Not all client certificates are created equal – Comodo's is the golden standard. Everyone else is just imitating the best.

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