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The SSL Certificate Validation Process

SSL Validation Steps for Every Validation Type

One of the most important elements of the SSL certificate process is validation. When you purchase a digital certificate, the Certificate Authority that's issuing it will put your website or organization through a process called validation. How intensive this validation is depends on the kind of SSL certificate you've chosen and has a direct impact on the level of trust that certificate inspires.

Three Levels of Validation

SSL certificates are available at three distinct validation levels.

Domain Validation - Instant

No frills digital encryption issued within minutes of purchase

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Organization Validation - 1-2 Days

Basic business authentication displays verified info in your certificate details

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Extended Validation - Up to a Week

In browsers like Microsoft Edge, Internet explorer, Safari and Opera, full business authentication displays your organization’s name and/or domain name in green color on the address bar, which is formerly known as the 'green address bar'. In Chrome and Firefox, EV SSL displays the organization’s legal operating name and all the details including the name of the certificate authority who issued the certificate when you click on the padlock sign and view the certificate.

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A lot of people just need encryption. Period. There's nothing wrong with that. In fact, that's one of the biggest advantages of Domain Validation SSL. You can have your encryption. And fast. DV SSL provides all the same security and reliability of any other kind of SSL, but at a lower price. And faster. Thanks to automation Comodo can speed through the ssl certificate validation process and issue within minutes. See How long does it take to get an SSL certificate?

The SSL Validation Process for Businesses

If you're running a website that needs to establish trust with its visitors, SSL Validation can lend a crucial assist. When your organization undergoes validation what's really happening is a trusted third party is vetting you for the benefit of your customers. Comodo is synonymous with web security. Its word counts. And thanks to passing validation, Comodo is now vouching for your legitimacy. From now on, anyone that visits your site will be informed by the world security leader that you're trustworthy. Everything checks out. Now let's do business.

Does EV SSL Validation really take a week?

Comodo says Extended Validation can take up to five business days to cover its backside. In reality, the ssl certificate process rarely ever takes that long. Provided your organization can furnish the proper documentation issuance, the steps can be expedited significantly. We've gotten EV SSL issued in as little as a few hours before.

What do I need to furnish for SSL validation?

For the most part, Comodo will attempt to use publicly available information to validate your organization. This includes looking in government databases, regional directories and trusted third-party registries. You may be asked to provide additional documentation in some cases, though as long as your organization keeps up-to-date registration and records you will have no problems with any of the steps.

If I am ordering multiple certificates for one organization, does each one need to undergo validation?

No. Depending on the size and scope of your order there are options to help streamline the issuance process and avoid undue burdens on the requesting organization. If this applies to you, feel free to reach out to our enterprise business manager to discuss scalable solutions.

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