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cWatch Web Malware Remediation & Protection

Automatically find and remove malware from your website

cWatch Web makes worrying about malware a thing of the past. No more sifting through thousands of lines of code in search of the one or two bad apples. Comodo cWatch Web monitors your site for malware in real-time, acting quickly to remediate it and ensure your site isn't on any blacklists.

Hacked? Free malware removal and cleanup

If your website has been hacked, Comodo offers free one-time malware removal (even if you're not a cWatch customer!)

Why is it free? Because we're tired of cybersecurity companies taking advantage of website owners that are in tight spot. We believe that if we offer this service for free, it gives us an opportunity to demonstrate our skills...and maybe you'll decide to use our ongoing protection service. But either way, we've made the web a better place by defeating a hacker!

Free Removal Service

How does cWatch Web Stop Malware?

From its Cyber Security Operations Center, Comodo keeps 24/7 vigil over your website, including regular scans, using intelligence from over 20 years and 150-million antivirus installs to guide it. Whenever malware is found, Comodo removes it, creates a report and actively works to ensure your site is not being penalized.

Prevent hacks. Defend your site with cWatch Web

What's the best kind of hack? The one that never happens! cWatch blocks hackers before they reach your website, with:

  • Advanced Threat Blocking – cWatch's 6 layers of protection block hackers before they reach your website.
  • 24/7 Monitoring – Comodo detects and fixes problems before you even know there's an issue!
  • Automatic Malware Removal – As soon as malware is detected, Comodo removes it.
  • Manual Repair – Got a stubborn piece of malware that automated removal can't handle? Comodo's 24/7 cybersecurity team will step in to handle it.
  • Cyber Security Operations Center – A Comodo Security Specialist will create backups of any affected files, remove the malware, then patch your site to avoid future issues.

cWatch Web Protects Against...

Protecting against hackers is like playing whack-a-mole. As soon as one attack is blocked, another pops up. That's why cWatch offers 6 layers of protection, with real-time updating to protect against the latest threats, including:

  • Blackhat SEO SPAM Injections
  • Malicious Redirects
  • Dirty Search Engine Results
  • Hidden & Malicious iFrames
  • Redirections Targeting Mobile Devices
  • Hacks Targeting Any CMS or Custom Setup
  • Phishing Lures
  • Hijacked Websites
  • Obfuscated JavaScript Injections
  • Drive-by-Download Injections
  • Email SPAM Abuse
  • Pharma Hacks
  • Infected Database/SQL Injections
  • Website Defacements
  • Embedded Trojans
  • Cross-Site Scripting
  • Search Engine Blacklisting

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