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Comodo Secure Email Signing Certificates

Sign and Encrypt Emails & Documents using Comodo Personal Authentication Certificates

Comodo Email and Document Signing Certificates, also known as Comodo Personal Authentication Certificates, allow you to secure your emails and documents through Comodo's unbeatable encryption technology. In today's flexible working environment, we communicate through emails and documents all the time, regardless of the place & time. Such flexibility brings in an element of risk regarding data interception and data tampering. A Comodo email Certificate helps you protect through signing emails, documents, and two-factor authentication.


Price From
Max. Term
Validation Requirements
Certificate Fields
Email Encryption
Email Signing
Document Signing
Client Authentication

CPAC Basic

$64.97/year$16.84/year(Save 74%.)
3 Years
Domain Control
Icon Checkmark
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$155.97/year$42.10/year(Save 73%.)
3 Years
Domain ControlIdentity Verification
[email protected]First Name, Last Name
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Icon Checkmark
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Icon Checkmark

CPAC Enterprise

$246.97/year$56.05/year(Save 77%.)
3 Years
Domain ControlIdentity VerificationOrganization Validation
[email protected]First Name, Last NameCompany NameCompany Address
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Sign & Encrypt your Emails with a Comodo Email Certificate

A major part of today's business communication takes place through emails. Often, they consist of sensitive information which is not supposed to be shared with anyone else. That is why email encryption has become an essential part of today's best web security practices.

Signing an email using a Comodo Email Signing Certificate enforces end-to-end encryption between a sender and a receiver. It means that once the information leaves a sender's system, A Comodo Secure email cannot be retrieved or altered by the likes of man-in-the-middle attackers, packet-sniffers, https proxies, or any other type of attacks.

Encrypt your messages with a Comodo secure email certificate

Sign & Secure Documents Digitally

Comodo Document Signing certificates enable individuals and organizations to sign important documents digitally. This way you can make sure that the document doesn't get tampered with on the way and prove your identity to the recipient. These certificates can be used in addition to the signature feature in Microsoft® Office products or as its direct replacement. So, say bye-bye to ink & paper, and days of delivery time; Comodo Document Signing Certificate does it all in seconds.

Sign & Secure Documents Digitally

Two-Factor Authentication

Nowadays, many organizations support remote access to the servers that consist of confidential corporate data. Using passwords to verify a person using the remote access might have been a good idea ten years back, not anymore. That's because when it comes to protecting high-stake information, passwords are simply not good enough, you need more than that. You need to take a step further to make sure that the person trying to log in is an authorized person, not someone who has stolen username and password.

Comodo Personal Authentication Certificate eliminates this weak link by verifying a person twice through two-factor authentication.

Start securing your emails and documents today with a Comodo Email Certificate (a.k.a. Personal Authentication Certificate.)

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