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Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL Certificates

Secure up to 250 domains and unlimited sub-domains with one SSL certificate

There isn't a more versatile SSL certificate type on the market than a Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL Certificate. Sometimes called a SAN-enabled Wildcard, these certificates give you the flexibility to encrypt both domains and unlimited sub-domains on multiple sites. Now, you won’t need to juggle multiple certificates, cutting down on costs and resources. And no one beats Comodo when it comes to securing more domains with a single certificate – up to 250! That's up to 250 different domains or IPs, plus unlimited accompanying sub-domains.

Lowest Price

Use Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL to Secure:

  • Common Name:
  • SAN 1: *
  • SAN 2:
  • SAN 3: *
  • SAN 4: *

The Ultimate in Flexibility

If you used a single domain certificate to encrypt your entire web presence, the costs would be astronomical – not to mention all the work it would take to manage it all. Comodo Multi-Domain Wildcard certificates wrap everything together into a single certificate. Secure multiple domains AND secure unlimited sub-domains. The possibilities are limitless.

Ease Administrative Burdens

The biggest issue we see from most of our clients is visibility. They don't know where all their certificates are, when they expire, or sometimes, who even issued them. A Comodo Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL certificate completely alleviates that headache. You worry about one certificate. One validation. One installation. And one renewal date. Easy.

Industry-Standard Encryption Strength

NIST and the CA/B Forum set the standards for encryption, standards that Comodo takes seriously. All Comodo Wildcard certificates are equipped with 256-bit encryption strength and a 2048-bit signature key. Additionally, we offer the option of Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) for Multi-domain Wildcard certificates.

What Are the Benefits of Multi-Domain Wildcard Certificates?

There are myriad benefits to using a Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL certificate:

  • Powerful 256-bit encryption
  • Secures up to 250 domains and IPs
  • SAN Wildcard support
  • Secures unlimited sub-domains on multiple domains
  • Reduces administrative burdens
  • Saves money
  • Available in DV and OV

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