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Secure Your Website and Establish trust with Comodo SSL Certificates

SSL certificates, also known as TLS certificates, are the backbone of today's web security. Now, more than ever, every website in the world needs SSL. Whether you run a teeny-tiny blog or have a multibillion-dollar e-commerce empire, you just cannot afford not to have an SSL. That's because browsers no longer suggest HTTPS, they demand it! It's safe to say that SSL certificates have gone from being a luxury to an absolute necessity.

Comodo's wide range of products fits needs and budgets of every customer segment. From a single domain DV SSL to Multi-Domain EV SSL, Comodo has got it all. Each certificate has over 99.9% browser recognition and 256-bit encryption as standard.

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Why choose Comodo SSL certificate to secure a web server?

Comodo offers highly upgraded certificates that involve encryption and decryption algorithm and establish a trustworthy environment for safe online shopping. SSL certificates are known to create an encryption link between a web server and a visitor and allow reliable transmission of the confidential data like credit card number, username, password, etc. for a secure online transaction.

These certificates come with features like browser compatibility of 99.9% and encryption strength of minimum 40-bit and maximum 256-bit. All varieties of Comodo SSL certificates are upgraded to 2048-bit along with trust seal issued by the Certificate Authority (CA).

Range of Comodo SSL certificates

Comodo offers a wide variety of SSL certificates to protect your websites and confidential data over the Internet. Choose the one that suits your requirement from their entire range of SSL certificates.

Domain Validation (DV) SSL Certificate

Domain Validation certificate by Comodo offers light domain validation to all those users who want no-frills certificates. With browser ubiquity of 99.9%, these certificates secure a single domain. Domain Validation certificates are a perfect fit for small websites and blogs.

Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificate

Comodo Extended Validation (EV) certificate provides a high level of security. It triggers the green address bar in the browsers like Microsoft Internet Explorer, giving website visitors a visual assurance of security and integrity required for a safe online transaction. In Chrome and Firefox, EV SSL displays the organization's legal operating name when you click on the padlock sign and view the certificate. These EV certificates provide up to 256-bit encryption that helps build customers' trust with excellent conversion rates.

Organization Validation (OV) SSL Certificate

This certificate can secure multiple domains on the same server by full business validation. This certificate offers browser compatibility of 99.9% and can easily secure up to 100 unique domains of your medium sized e-commerce business website.

Wildcard SSL Certificate

This certificate is a simple and convenient solution to secure your domain along with an unlimited number of sub-domains on the same server and IP address. Comodo's Wildcard SSL certificate is an inexpensive means to offer a high degree of protection with 256-bit encryption strength.

Multi-Domain/SAN/UCC SSL Certificate

Comodo introduces Unified Communication certificate that is exclusively designed for Microsoft Exchange and Office Communications infrastructures. Fully business validated, this certificate offers SAN Control to secure multiple domains and multiple host names on a single IP address.

Multiple Domain Wildcard SSL Certificate

Comodo Multiple Domain Wildcard SSL certificate is one-of-a-kind certificate in the industry. Its ability to secure an unlimited number of sub-domains under multiple domains is one of its most unique features. Being SAN-enabled, this certificate allows you to secure any domain or common name using just one certificate. The package already includes three domain names, to which the users can add up to 250 additional domain names.

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