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Comodo S/MIME Certificates

Protect your emails from data leaks and ensure your recipients can verify your identity as the sender with a Comodo S/MIME certificate

An S/MIME certificate uses end-to-end encryption to ensure your email contents aren’t leaked, and a digital signature so your recipients can verify your identity. This helps fight the risk of a phishing attack. Plus, you get Microsoft document signing and client authentication capabilities thrown in with Pro and Enterprise certificates.

With over 300 billion emails sent and received each day, it is no wonder that email is such a hotspot for cybercrime activity. With threats ranging from intercepted email communications with sensitive data to phishing emails looking to prey on easy victims, it's clear you need protection. With an S/MIME certificate, you can protect yourself, your business, your colleagues and your customers from email cyberattacks.

Choose Your Comodo SMIME Certificate:


Max. Term
Validation Requirements
Certificate Fields
Email Encryption
Email Signing
Client Authentication
Document Signing
Price From

Basic Strict Mailbox
Validated S/MIME

2 Years
Email Verification
Icon Checkmark
Icon Checkmark
Icon Checkmark
Icon Checkmark
$46.17/year$19.73/year(Save 57%.)

Pro Multipurpose Mailbox
Validated S/MIME

2 Years
Email Validation
Icon Checkmark
Icon Checkmark
Icon Checkmark
Microsoft Office & OpenOffice Signing
$110.85/year$44.85/year(Save 60%.)

Enterprise Multipurpose Organization
Validated S/MIME

2 Years
Email ValidationOrganization Validation
[email protected]Organization Name
Icon Checkmark
Icon Checkmark
Icon Checkmark
Microsoft Office & OpenOffice Signing
$175.53/year$59.76/year(Save 66%.)

End-to-End Encryption Protects Your Email at All Times

With the use of a public key and private key, your emails will be encrypted from end-to-end. This means that cybercriminals will not be able to decipher what's in the email even if they intercept it. Your email contents will be secure when in transit and at rest on an email server.

Your Digital Signature Fights Against Phishing

With a Comodo S/MIME email certificate, you will be able to digitally sign your emails. Think of your digital signature as your own unique digital stamp that no one else can use. This allows your recipient to verify your identity and quickly know they are not getting phished.

Digital Signature vs E-Signature

A digital signature is not to be confused with an e-signature. An e-signature is nothing more than a typed name that anyone can duplicate. A digital signature (created with your S/MIME certificate) is signed using your own unique private key, ensuring that it is only you that is signing the email.

Use Comodo S/MIME Certificates for Document Signing, Too!

You can use a Pro or Enterprise Comodo S/MIME certificate to sign documents as well as emails. All you need to do is sign the document with your unique digital signature, allowing the recipient to confirm you sent the document. And, if the document has been tampered with, the recipient will be automatically notified – further protecting you and your recipient. In many cases, this form of document signing works, but if you need to sign PDF documents, we recommend our Adobe Approved document signing certificate.

Comodo S/MIME Certificate Features and Benefits

  • End-to-end encryption protects email contents from becoming a data leak
  • Unique digital signature helps fight phishing attempts
  • Much more secure than an e-signature
  • Document signing feature ensures the recipient can verify the doc is coming from you & if it's been tampered with
  • Client authentication feature offers more protection on your servers and networks – allowing your employees to forgo using weak passwords and instead access the network with their client certificate

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