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Enterprise SSL Pro Wildcard

Secure internal domains and sub-domains with powerful 256-bit symmetric encryption

The Enterprise SSL Pro Wildcard certificate is one of the most powerful Enterprise tools in our arsenal. It's perfect use case is for Enterprise clients with substantial internal infrastructures that needs to secure a domain and all accompanying sub-domains. This is a cost-effective security measure. It provides powerful 256-bit symmetric encryption and comes with a 2048-bit RSA signature key. Best of all, it's backed by a generous $1,500,000 warranty to give you peace of mind.


Additional Domain/SAN Info:

Each Additional Domain: $0.00/year (0 SAN Incl.)

Maximum Total # of Domains: 1


Additional Domain/SAN Info:

Each Additional Domain: $0.00/year (0 SAN Incl.)

Maximum Total # of Domains: 1


Additional Domain/SAN Info:

Each Additional Domain: $0.00/year (0 SAN Incl.)

Maximum Total # of Domains: 1


Additional Domain/SAN Info:

Each Additional Domain: $0.00/year (0 SAN Incl.)

Maximum Total # of Domains: 1


Additional Domain/SAN Info:

Each Additional Domain: $0.00/year (0 SAN Incl.)

Maximum Total # of Domains: 1

Quantity :
  • Total Domains:4
  • Your Savings:$ 10.00
  • Total:$ 208.00

Important! To ensure the most up-to-date security that meets the latest CA/B Forum standards, you will need to regenerate your certificate (at no cost to you) after 2 years. More details...

Features & Technical

AuthenticationOrganization Validation


Multi-Domain CapabilitiesCross

Wildcard CapabilitiesUnlimited

Site SealEnterprise SSL Site SealComodo Secure seal

Server LicensesUnlimited

Encryption StrengthUp to 256-bit

Browser Compatibility99.9%

Mobile Compatibility99.9%

Covers WWW & non-WWWCheckmark

Issuance Time1-3 Days

Organization Validation

Enterprise SSL Pro Wildcard is Organization Validated. This is optimal for Enterprise clients that are securing non-public facing IPs and domains because employees can be trained to verify the organizational details contained in the certificate information while the company can avoid the expenses associated with Extended Validation.

Secure Unlimited Sub-Domains

Many of our Enterprise clients struggle with securing their internal domains and sub-domains. This certificate eases that burden by giving you the flexibility to not only encrypt your current sub-domains, but to encrypt any sub-domains that are added in the future.

Powerful 256-bit Encryption

All Comodo products meet or exceed the stringent industry standards set forth by NIST and the CAB Forum. That means customers get a choice of Elliptic Curve Cryptography or RSA, with a 256-bit symmetric encryption and a 2048-bit signature key.

Features & Benefits

Authentication: Enterprise SSL Pro Wildcard certificates are Organization Validated, this typically takes Comodo 1-3 business days.

Warranty: Enterprise SSL Pro Wildcard comes backed by a generous $1,500,000 warranty should you lose money because of Comodo.

Wildcard: Enterprise SSL Pro Wildcard can encrypt one domain and unlimited accompanying sub-domains.

Site Seal: Enterprise SSL Pro Wildcard is backed by the Comodo Secure site seal.

Product Line: Enterprise SSL is Comodo's specialized line for Enterprise clients, featuring scalable encryption solutions at a great price.

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Assurance & Authentication

The Comodo Enterprise SSL line was designed specifically to help meet the challenges of our Enterprise clients. We understand that as an Enterprise, you face unique challenges with SSL certificate deployment, management and renewal. That's why Comodo has created a line of products aimed at easing these burdens. The Comodo Enterprise SSL line starts at the OV level with a single domain certificate and ends with an EV Multi-Domain. In between you'll find a range of different features and functionalities aimed at making the entire Enterprise SSL process easier and more straightforward.


Installation & Technical Support

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Site Seal Installation

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