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SSL Certificate Reseller Program

The SSL Store Reseller Program Will Enable You to Profit from SSL

SSL certificates can do more than help secure a website, they can also bolster your bottom line if you are a web service provider, web host, web developer, web designer, managed IT company, security specialist, systems integrator, etc. Through The SSL Store’s reseller program, which you can sign up for here, you will be able to realize the full ROI potential of marketing and selling SSL certificates to your customers. Best of all, our reseller program is completely FREE to join, no start-up costs, no contracts, no hidden fees, no commitments of any kind. And, of course, our resellers receive wholesale pricing on our extensive selection of Comodo SSL certificates and any other certificate offerings that we provide.


  • Best Pricing
  • Enablement Programs
  • 24/7 Support
  • Full Integration
  • Specialty Plug-ins

Best Pricing

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We offer our resellers the most competitive prices in the industry on Comodo SSL certificates. In fact, we guarantee that we'll match or beat any competitor's price. Also, our pricing structure is set up in a way that rewards our most loyal resellers. Basically, the more you sell or buy, the greater your discounts become.

Our pricing structure consists of four levels, which are:

  • Silver (starter level)
  • Gold ($2,500+)
  • Platinum ($5,000+)
  • Titanium ($10,000+)

Been purchasing SSL certificates somewhere else? If so, it's our philosophy that you shouldn't have to start
right back at the beginning. That's why we'll give you credit for the past 2 years' worth of SSL sales from
any other provider. Just show us your receipts and we'll apply that amount to your loyalty balance.

To take advantage of the best pricing in the industry and join our reseller channel, click here.

Enablement Programs

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Our team is always thinking of new ways to help our resellers succeed. Enablement programs are another exclusive feature of our reseller channel. These programs do just what their name says enable our resellers to sell more SSL certificates.

Some of the highlights of these programs include:

  • Offering our resellers unparalleled prices on EV SSL certificates and getting them familiar with the process of properly marketing and selling these certificates to their customers.
  • Bulk buying discounts – our resellers can save more on higher-end certificates by purchasing a featured product in bulk.
  • Upgrading resellers who get a friend or business contact to also join our channel by advancing them to better pricing levels.
  • Provide our resellers with a comprehensive welcome kit that includes a product guide, slide show presentation, and a virtual business card of their personal account manager.
  • An exclusive website available only to our resellers that contains SEO tips, PPC research, lead generation techniques, pre-written website content, email campaigns, sales training tools, and much more.

With our enablement programs at their disposal, our resellers will have the tools they need to improve their
ROI, enhance their bottom-line, and have access to the best Comodo SSL certificates at extremely
competitive prices.

For full access to our enablement programs, we invite you to join our reseller channel by clicking here.

24/7 Support

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When you join our reseller channel, you will instantly have access to platinum level support anytime you need it, day or night, via phone, email or live chat. Our only business is SSL certificates, so you can rest assured that we can answer any question you may have. Plus, each one of our resellers is assigned a dedicated account manager to provide a personal level of support that is unmatched in the industry.

Our resellers also have instant access to our state-of-the-art, easy-to-use control panel, where they can:

  • Order or cancel certificates
  • View customer history
  • Automatically track renewals and renew certificates
  • Communicate with clients via email
  • Receive account statements
  • Analyze industry trends and other data

There simply isn't another company in the industry that will give you the same level of industry knowledge and dedicated support. Our resellers have exceptional peace of mind knowing that we are always here for them, whenever they need us.

If you would like to have our team of SSL experts available at your disposal whenever you need them, join our reseller channel by clicking here.

Full Integration

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There are many options for our resellers to seamlessly integrate our system. Choose from our incredibly robust API built on REST (SOAP also available). Or for PHP users, we have an SDK available that will help them integrate quickly and easily as well.

There are many different ways to process orders via API, including:

  • A clone of our own website that we'll provide to our resellers customized with their own look and feel. This site is hosted on our servers.
  • Using the reseller control panel to issue certificates for their customers directly, which doesn't require any development.
  • A full transaction where a reseller has to code all the API calls but provisioning of the certificate takes place on their site.
  • The simplest measure available is where only the purchase and financial portion of the transaction takes place on a reseller's site. As soon as the purchase is completed, our system generates a quick invite link that is ready to email to a customer. The provisioning process of the certificate takes place on the Vendor's website and then issued by the vendor.

We have also developed a number of fully integrated application plug-ins for the most common hosting and billing automation platforms out there, and these can be viewed in more detail here

For access to our robust API, join our reseller channel by clicking here.

Specialty Plug-ins

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We have developed a number of ground-breaking hosting and billing automation platform plug-ins. Our resellers can provision SSL to their customers via certain methods outlined in our plug-ins, streamlining the entire process.

The hosting and billing automation plug-ins we offer include:

  • ClientExec
  • PBAS
  • PBA
  • Plesk
  • ISPsystem
  • HostBill
Specialty Plug-ins

It doesn't end there. Our developers are continuously thinking of new ideas for plug-ins in an ongoing effort to enable our resellers with the most innovative SSL technology in the industry.

So, if you use one of the above online billing systems and would like to integrate with our exclusive plug-ins, join our reseller channel by clicking here.

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