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How long does it take to get a Domain Validation SSL certificate issued?

Validation for DV SSL is fully automated, allowing it to be issued in just minutes.

You can have a Domain Validation SSL certificate issued in just minutes-making DV SSL a great option for rapid deployment. Because you're required to do so little to satisfy the requirements for Domain Validation, the entire process can be completed almost instantly. No waiting. You'll be ready to install your certificate in no time.

What happens when you go through Domain Validation?

There's just a single requirement for Domain Validation, you simply have to prove ownership over the website you're ordering for. This can be done in one of three ways. All of which are painless:

  • Email-based Authentication - Comodo will email either the name on the WHO.IS listing for the website or one of five pre-approved addresses. Just affirm you did indeed or the certificate and you'll be finished.
  • File-based Authentication - Comodo will send you a text file to upload in the root directory of your website. Comodo will then scan your site for the file and issue the SSL certificate upon finding it.
  • CNAME-based Authentication - This option is unique to Comodo. You'll be asked to insert a specific hash value in your CNAME DNS record. Comodo will then check it's there and issue your SSL certificate.

Why is Domain Validation so fast?

DV issuance is lightning fast because it can be automated-it doesn't require the human element. All Comodo has to do is verify an email, text file or DNS record. This cuts a lot of the time out of the process.

Is there any way to speed up Domain Validation?

Not really, it's already pretty darn quick. Frankly, Domain Validation only takes as long as you do to respond to an email or upload a file or hash. As soon as you do, Comodo verifies and issues.

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