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Single Domain SSL Certificates

Quickly secure one domain with a single domain SSL certificate

The vast majority of the SSL certificates issued each year are single domain SSL certificates. That means that they secure a single domain (both WWW and non-WWW variations) encrypting all communication exchanged between your server and your visitors. This effectively protects against data theft and bolsters your overall trust and security. Comodo offers a broad range of single Domain Validated SSL certificates, from the most basic domain validated certificates all the way up the ladder to premium Extended Validation SSL certificates.

Lowest Price

Use Single Domain SSL Certificates to Secure:

  • One Domain (both WWW & non-WWW variations)
  • Individual Sub-Domain
  • Host Name
  • IP Address
  • Mail Server

Need Identity Authentication?

Looking for more than just basic encryption? Smart. We recommend that every business and organization invest in at least some level of business authentication for the users of their site. By undergoing Organization or Extended Validation, you'll be able to display verified business details to customers that are looking for it. This proves your legitimacy and establishes trust because it shows them you're putting their safety & security concerns at the forefront of your business and that you're taking liability for what happens on your website.

Comodo Offers Validation You Can Trust

If you're not into the technical stuff, all you need to know about Comodo's PKI is that it's rock solid. You’ll never be asked to re-validate or be at risk of losing your certificate status. Rather, you'll find out what millions of customers around the world already know: it's smooth sailing with Comodo.

Industry-Standard Encryption

You wouldn't buy a cell phone if the actual phone part didn't work properly, would you? No. And SSL is the same way; while all the features are great, at its heart, what good is your SSL certificate if it doesn’t enable strong encryption? Comodo SSL certificates all meet or exceed CA/B Forum and NIST standards for encryption, featuring your choice of AES 256-bit symmetric encryption with a 2048-bit RSA signature key, or Elliptic Curve Cryptography.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Comodo Single Domain SSL Certificate?

  • Cheapest type of SSL at each validation level
  • Powerful 256-bit symmetric encryption
  • Secures a single domain (both WWW and non-WWW variations)
  • Available at DV, OV, and EV levels

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