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Essential SSL - Just the Essentials, Backed by Comodo

Everything that's essential for industry-standard encryption-nothing else

Essential SSL is a line from Comodo that lives up to its name. It's everything essential for encryption and nothing more. Comodo keeps the price low by stripping away the extra products and huge warranty in order to offer a basic, no-frills DV SSL certificate, but still leverages Comodo's brand power and recognition. Protect one site or unlimited subdomains. Essential SSL can be issued in minutes and provides strong 256-bit encryption strength. What else do you need?

Lowest Price

Just the Essentials

You don't want to pay for a $2,000,000 warranty. You aren't an e-commerce company, so PCI compliance probably isn't important to you either. You just want SSL. Perfect. The Essential SSL line offers you no-frills industry standard encryption backed by the popular Comodo brand name. Period. It's issued in minutes. Easy to install. And it will protect your communication and activate the "Secure" indicator just like you want.

Issued Instantly

All you need to do to get your Essential SSL certificate issued is prove ownership over your domain. This can be done in one of three ways:

  • Email-based Validation
  • File-based Validation
  • CNAME-based Validation

The process is fully automated, just complete validation and your Essential SSL certificate will be in your inbox within seconds.

Sub-Domains or No Sub-Domains

The Essential SSL line has just two products, a single site DV and a Wildcard DV.

Strong Industry Standard Encryption

Essential SSL certificates may be slimmed down, but they more than satisfy NIST and CAB Forum industry standards. They are capable of stronger, more agile Elliptical Curve Cryptography and come standard with 256-bit symmetric encryption strength and a 2048-bit RSA signature key. All Essential SSL certificates use the SHA-2 hashing algorithm.

We're here to help!

There is nothing we won't do to help our customers. We spend considerable resources building and training our team of SSL specialists so that they can help with every aspect of the SSL prospect. Our team is standing by 24/7, so feel free to contact us.

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