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Comodo Personal Authentication Certificate

Enable email signing & encryption, document signing and two-factor authentication

Comodo Personal Authentication Certificates offer myriad benefits by allowing you to digitally sign your emails and documents, encrypt your emails and even add two-factor authentication to your login pages. CPACs typically come with a 2048-bit RSA signature key and are universally trusted by OSs, Servers, Mobile Devices and other platforms. Make sure your customers and partners can verify the authenticity and creator of any documents or emails you send with a Comodo Personal Authentication Certificate.


Price From
Max. Term
Validation Requirements
Certificate Fields
Email Encryption
Email Signing
Document Signing
Client Authentication

CPAC Basic

$49.98/year$12.95/year(Save 74%.)
3 Years
Email Verification
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$119.98/year$32.38/year(Save 73%.)
3 Years
Email VerificationIdentity VerificationOrganization Validation
[email protected]First Name, Last Name
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Icon Checkmark
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CPAC Enterprise

$189.98/year$43.12/year(Save 77%.)
3 Years
Email VerificationIdentity VerificationOrganization Validation
[email protected]First Name, Last NameCompany NameCompany Address
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Digitally Signs Emails

Your CPAC applies your digital signature to every email you send. When your email reaches its intended recipient, the signature will help them verify the sender's identity and that the message hasn't been altered.

Encrypts Emails

Your emails won't be able to be intercepted and read or manipulated thanks to the encryption provided by you're the Certificate. This is true end-to-end encryption for every email you send.

Digitally Signs Documents

Much like with emails, your CPAC will apply your digital signature to any document you sign. This allows anyone reading the document to verify the identity of its creator while also offering confirmation that the document has not been altered. Note that if you need to sign PDF documents, we recommend our Adobe Approved document signing certificate.

Adds Two-Factor Authentication

After a Comodo Personal Authentication Certificate is installed on a computer, your login page will request it every time a user attempts to log in to their account. This all takes place behind the scenes so there is no disruption to user experience.


Assurance & Authentication

Nothing is more important than trust when it comes to the world of online business. Without it, you're not going to sell, convert-whatever goal you're trying to accomplish. Comodo Personal Authentication Certificates help you to build that trust by ensuring the integrity of your email and documents and assuring your users about your identity. Don't give your customers and partners any reason not to trust you. Purchase a CPAC today and start applying your digital signature.


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