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EV SSL: Multi Domain - 2 SAN included

Multi-Domain EV SSL Certificates (EV MDCs) allow you to secure up to 250 different domains or sub-domains with a single SSL certificate. EV technology adds an additional layer of trust to your online business by displaying your organization's verified details in all major browsers and on site-seals when your customers enter the secure area of your web site.

Buy New or Renew Your Existing Comodo EV Multi Domain SSL


Additional Domain/SAN Info:

Each Additional Domain: $79.00/year (2 SAN Incl.)

Maximum Total # of Domains: 250


Additional Domain/SAN Info:

Each Additional Domain: $69.13/year (2 SAN Incl.)

Maximum Total # of Domains: 250


Additional Domain/SAN Info:

Each Additional Domain: $65.83/year (2 SAN Incl.)

Maximum Total # of Domains: 250


Additional Domain/SAN Info:

Each Additional Domain: $64.19/year (2 SAN Incl.)

Maximum Total # of Domains: 250

Additional Domains :
Quantity :
  • Total Domains:4
  • Your Savings:$ 10.00
  • Total:$ 208.00

Important! To ensure the most up-to-date security that meets the latest CA/B Forum standards, you will need to regenerate your certificate (at no cost to you) after 2 years. More details...

Features & Benefits

  • 128-bit minimum to 256-bit encryption
  • Full business authentication
  • $1,750,000 relying party warranty
  • 99.9% Browser Recognition Rate
  • Supports Mobile Devices
  • Secured Multiple domains (up to 250)
  • Free Unlimited Server Licenses
  • Issued In 1-5 days
  • Simple and convenient - one certificate to manage for all your domains
  • Huge savings over the cost of individual EV SSL certificates
  • 30 day, no questions, money back guarantee

Product Specification

  • Secure up to 250 Fully Qualified Domain Names on a single certificate
  • 1-5 Days
  • Business and Domain Validated Certificate
  • Domain Name and Business Name Shown on Certificate
  • 128-bit to 256-bit encryption
  • 99.9% Web and Mobile Browser Compatibility
  • Free Unlimited Server Licenses
  • Unlimited Reissuance
  • Comodo Site SealCOMODO Static Site Seal

Featuring the ability to add additional domains at any time, EV SSL MDCs deliver the ultimate inflexibility, security and value to online businesses that wish to add EV security to 3 websites or more.

This Subject Alternative Name (SAN) certificate will secure up to 3 domains by default (1 primary common name [CN] + 2 subject alternative names [SANs]. With additional SANs, you can secure up to 250 fully-qualified domains with a single SSL certificate. This certificate is an ideal solution for those organizations that want to secure multiple URLs without having to worry about maintaining multiple certificates. It comes with a dynamic site seal. It also displays your organization's verified details in all the major browsers that specifies your site is for a legitimate company and it's safe & secure to do business with. In browsers like Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera, EV SSL displays your organization's name and/or domain name and padlock symbol in green color on the address bar, formerly known as the 'green address bar'.

This Comodo certificate comes with an unlimited re-issuing feature, which means if you want to add, edit or delete a domain, you need to re-issue without paying any amount. All in all, it's a next generation SSL certificate designed to secure large websites and ecommerce businesses from various threats, such as phishing attacks. This industry-standard 256-bit encryption strength certificate required full organization validation and is compatible with 99.9% web, as well as mobile browsers.

For example, one EV SSL MDC could be used to secure:

  • anything.anything.any-tld

Validation Required

Please note: This product requires you to complete Telephone Verification. For new customers/orders after October 6th, 2016, Comodo requires either a Dun and Bradstreet, listing, or a Legal Opinion Letter to complete telephone verification. Other third party telephone directories such as will not be accepted after this date. If you cannot complete these options, please contact support at as we have other solutions that may be easier for you to complete.

Browser Compatibility

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