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Comodo EV Code Signing gives you the tools to have your software trusted across all browsers. The place you’ll see the most gains is with Microsoft users behind the SmartScreen filter. EV Code Signing establishes instant application reputation with SmartScreen, effectively squashing those download-killing browser warnings and paving the way for more conversions – more money. The Extended Validation process is easy to navigate and can be completed quickly. And the benefits are undeniable.

Note: Industry standards require that all code signing certificates be stored on a compliant hardware security module (HSM) or secure USB token. Certificates installed on secure USB tokens cannot be exported; make sure your application supports external hardware if you select this option. Learn more about certificate delivery options.

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Product Specification

  • Instant customer confidence - Code and content are safe to download
  • Verifies identity
  • Maintains authenticity
  • Improves conversion rates
  • Creates a trusted distribution outlet
  • Protects the integrity of software publisher
  • Works across all major platforms (MS, Adobe AIR, Java, Mozilla and many more)
  • Widely supported
  • Typically issued in 5-10 Days

Why EV Code Signing?

Microsoft SmartScreen is the gatekeeper to over 20% of the market (based on a recent market share study). SmartScreen filters for phishing, malware and malicious downloads. Unfortunately, it's a very skeptical filters. Software publishers without sufficient application reputation will have their downloads flagged, effectively killing most of your conversions.

Extended Validation Code Signing prevents this by putting your company or organization through a rigorous vetting process. Rigorous might be a bit strong-it's intensive, but no problem for any business with its registration information up to date. Once SmartScreen sees you've under gone Extensive Validation, it affords you greater application reputation. That means no more downloads getting flagged. No conversion-killing warnings. Read More

Private Key Security

If a private key is lost or stolen, anyone would have the potential to forge your signature and sign malicious software – which can be catastrophic to your brand reputation across all platforms. For this reason, the CA/B Forum requires all code signing private keys to be stored on compliant, USB token or hardware security modules (HSMs).

What is the difference between EV Code Signing and Code Signing

EV Code Signing
Code Signing
One must go through rigorous vetting process to issue certificate(s).
The vetting process is standard
Gives instant trust with Microsoft SmartScreen to remove warning signs
No Microsoft SmartScreen trust

How EV Code Signing Works?

To issue an EV Code Signing Certificate, you must go through a vigorous vetting process set by Comodo. This is to ensure that you are a legally registered entity operating in good faith. Once your EV Code Signing certificate is issued, you can sign your software.

To learn more about the way EV Code Signing works, please visit this page.

How to sign a code using Comodo EV Code Signing Certificate?

Signing a code using Comodo EV Code Signing is straightforward. You just have to plug in your smart card and enter a few lines in Command Prompt. Read More

How to collect your EV Code Signing Certificate?

The collection process of EV Code Signing can be divided into four main steps: downloading & installing SafeNet client, plugging in your smart card, changing your token password, and using your certificate. Read More

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