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Comodo Web Inspector / Site Inspector

Web Inspector is but another shining example of the superior products coming out of the renowned Comodo Innovation Lab. The result of a brain trust that includes many of the very top computer scientists and internet experts the world over Web Inspector delivers the very best in inspection, detection, and protection currently available. Supremely efficient and comprehensively featured yet extremely easy to use Web Inspector is built with the common man to the computer expert and everyone in between in mind.

Web Inspector represent one more addition to the Comodo family which boasts over 25 million security software installations, tens of millions of users traversing Comodo secured internet applications and a quarter of a million businesses worldwide.

Starter Plus Premium Enterprise
Price $70.83/yr $124.99/yr $208.33/yr $379.16/yr
Number of pages
scanned (1 domain)
50 250 700 1000
Phone Support yes yes yes yes
Trust Seal yes yes yes yes
PCI Compliancy Scanning
90 days Advanced
Daily Malware
yes yes yes yes
Blacklist Monitoring yes yes yes yes
Daily Scan for Vulnerabilities
yes yes yes yes
Network Security yes yes yes yes
Immediate Notifications
yes yes yes yes
Check Against at Latest Malware yes yes yes yes
Continuous Monitoring yes yes yes yes
No Software Download yes yes yes yes
Easy to Use Dashboard yes yes yes yes

Web Inspector / Site Inspector Features & Benefits

  • Daily Malware Scanning
  • Blacklist Monitoring
  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Immediate Notifications
  • No Downloads, no complicated set up
  • PCI Scanning
  • Database Security
  • Trust Seal

Product Specification

  • Automatic, daily malware scans keep your website and its sub-domains safe.
  • Accessible web-based interface makes for easy use.
  • Immediate notification guarantees proper problem mitigation.
  • Site seal assures customers that your website is both safe and trustworthy.

Web Inspector is yet another superior service brought to you by the much renowned Comodo Innovation Lab which is responsible for many of the very best security products currently on the market.

Web Inspector employs what is called a "high interaction honeypot" mechanism geared to provide an unrivaled class of digital forensic analysis while avoiding those incredibly bothersome and often costly "false positives".

Free Trial

We are so confident in this product that we offer a nearly fully featured 90-day free trial that will enable you to become well-acquainted with Web Inspector's extensive inspection, detection, and protection abilities.

Flexible Pricing

Find the appropriate package that meets your specific technical needs starting from as low as just $84.99 per year.

Boost Customer Confidence

In today's online world, the perception of trust and reputation are essential to a prospering business. The Web Inspectors signature Trust Seal will make it glaringly obvious to visitors that your website is one that is secure, safe and worthy of their trust. Comprehensive daily checks will go even further to preserve your website's reputation, not only notifying you if your site becomes blacklisted by any major search engines but providing you direct assistance in the removal from such lists.