The Difference between Comodo EssentialSSL vs. PositiveSSL Certificate

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The Major Difference between these SSL Certificates is the Free Site Seal

Internet Service Providers and E-commerce websites require SSL encryptions to ensure the safety of online transactions, but different certificates offer different benefits. While there may be many standards that apply across the board such as browser compatibility, refund policies, and relying party warranties, Comodo also offers an increased 2048-bit certificate which includes a free site seal. This free site seal can be a difference maker in creating confidence in the customer; it is a highly attractive addition to websites.

The opportunity to secure a more advanced certificate is significant now that the CA/Browser Forum is requiring upgrades from the 1024-bit certificates to the 2048-bit certificates for 2014. CA/Browser Forum has instituted this requirement in order to keep up with industry best practices for highest levels of security. However, there may be some companies with limited resources and an immediate need to acquire a certificate, and the Positive SSL Certificate is available for those in needs.

Essential SSL versus Positive SSL

Positive SSL Certificates are the most cost effective certificates and can be issued in as little as 10 minutes. They do provide the encryption for sensitive information that customers need, but it is a lower bit certificate than the Essential SSL Certificate counterpart, so Positive SSL could be well utilized for a web service who just wants to encrypt their information on the web, while exchanging them from web browsers to web servers. Comodo offers 30-day refund policies for the certificate, $10,000 relying party warranty, unlimited re-issuance policy, and an over 99% browser compatibility. So while Comodo offers more advanced certificates, the Positive SSL Cert is still a capable product. It can secure both & with automated validation.

Comodo PositiveSSL

Positive SSL Certificate

Positive SSL From $7.27/year

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The Benefits of the Comodo Essential SSL Certificate

Acquiring this certificate from the right provider can also decrease the amount of money spent on this certificate (note: some of these benefits are offered only by select providers).

  • 100% online validation system for quick issuance
  • Signed with NIST recommended 2048-bit Industry standard SSL
  • Up to 256-bit encryption of customer data
  • FREE Site Seal, FREE PCI Scanning, FREE Daily website scanning
  • FREE EV Upgrade
  • Unlimited Re-issuance policy
  • Licensed for unlimited physical servers
  • 99.9% browser recognition
  • Risk free 30-day refund policy
  • $10,000 relying party warranty
  • Industry leading expert support

Comodo EssentialSSL

The Essential SSL certificate provides the highest level of security with a price that is still at an entry-level rate. The entry-level rate price by no means suggests that this is an entry level certificate though.  A comparison of the Essential SSL Certificate against the Positive SSL Certificate shows a higher degree of protection, above that which is standard, as well as the site seal which is not offered for the more economical versions of the certificate.

Essential SSL Certificate

Essential SSL From $22.75/year

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Additional SSL Certificate Benefits

Comodo is a competitive provider of these Essential SSL Certificates because of the paperless, low delay, no faxing, process in which the acquisition of the certificate is made effortless. The free site seal displaying the trusted “Comodo” name is invaluable where Comodo has been a major player in web security and is recognized by large online communities.  There has been over 25 million installations of Comodo PC security software, as well as over 200 thousand business customers and e-merchants, over 7,000 partners and affiliates working with Comodo, and tens of millions of internet users interacting and conducting business with the websites. This provides the extra confidence that some small or mid-size businesses might desire that have not already established for themselves the highest level of trust or recognition.

Aside from the free site seal, it cannot be ignored that higher bit certificates are going to be required in the future. It is best now to use these higher bit certificates so that a business does not need to hustle at the last moment in order to comply with these requirements.

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