Procedure for a FREE Re-Issuing of a Comodo SSL Certificate

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Want to re-issue your Comodo SSL certificate for free? Here’s how you can do it

Comodo offers all its users a feature of unlimited re-issuance of their SSL certificates at no extra cost. However, a user can re-issue only an SSL certificate that is active and it depends on the SSL certificate’s type. Also, users should bear in mind that the re-issuing of a certificate requires domain-control validations and may further need the authentication of company details.

Before getting too much into the details about the process of re-issuing an SSL certificate, let’s quickly go over some of the most common reasons for reissuing an SSL certificate.

Users should consider re-issuing their SSL certificate if:

  • The certificate’s private key has been compromised and the user wants to revoke their SSL certificate.
  • A user changed his/her website to another server.
  • A user chose to move to another web host provider.
  • The ‘organization name’ listed in the certificate currently needs to be changed.

** ONLY in case of Comodo SSL certificates, re-issuance procedure will allow users to modify the common name of Comodo certificate from ‘’ to ‘’. In this case, only the sub-domain can be changed, however no changes can be made to the domain. Change of common name from to or is not allowed.

The procedure to re-issue a Comodo SSL Certificate:

Please follow the simple steps mentioned below if you wish to re-issue an SSL certificate purchased from Comodo.

To start off with, you need to generate a new CSR for your certificate. Please click here to find detailed instructions about creating a new CSR. Once you’ve gone through all the instructions, you can generate your CSR using our blazing fast CSR Generator tool. Proceed as directed below after you have successfully generated a new CSR:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on ‘LOGIN’.
  3. Enter your username and password and click on ‘login’.
  4. Click on the tab of ‘List Orders’ and then select the active certificate that you wish to re-issue and click on ‘Order ID’.
  5. Click on the icon of ‘Re-issue certificate’ at the bottom of the next page.
    Reissue SSL Certificate
  6. Enter your newly generated CSR and click on ‘Re-issue certificate’.
  7. Once the process of re-issuance has been completed, you will receive a message on the email address provided by you in the order. This email will have a newly issued certificate attached to it.
  8. After receiving the email, you can proceed with installing the reissued certificate on your server.

An important point to remember while re-issuing: If you are opting for an SSL certificate re-issuance because of a potential security breach (like Heartbleed) of your private key, then you must create a new CSR request and private key. It is advisable not to use the existing CSR or private key.

In case you need a detailed, step-by-step procedure about installing an SSL certificate, you can refer to any of the links given below:

Steps to install Comodo SSL certificate on an Apache web server
How to install Comodo SSL certificate on Microsoft IIS 8 & IIS 8.5
Click here to access detailed installation guides for various servers

If your certificate has expired, you’ll need to renew your certificate rather than re-issue it. Click here to renew a certificate…

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