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How to Set Up the Free Website Malware Scanner in Comodo cWatch Web

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Comodo’s cWatch Web includes a free scanner that regularly checks your website for vulnerabilities and malware. It can be configured to email you alerts if malware is detected.

Set Up Your Free Account

First, you’ll need to sign up for the cWatch Basic (free) account here.┬áDuring signup, you’ll be guided through the process to activate your free account and add your domain name to your account.

Create cWatch Account

Install The Free Website Malware Scanner

Once you’ve added your domain and activated the account, login to the cWatch Web control panel and go to Settings. On the Malware Scan tab, you’ll see a screen like this:
cwatch malware scanner setup

Enter your FTP details. (FTP or sFTP works!) cWatch will automatically install a PHP file on your website to facilitate the malware scans:
cwatch malware scanner activation

Initiate The Website Malware Scan

You can then go to the Malware tab and initiate a malware scan:
website malware scanner is activated

You can manually initiate the first scan so your site will be scanned for malware right away. The website malware scan also runs automatically. You can turn email notifications on to be alerted if anything is detected.

View The Website Malware Scanner Report

If no malware is found, you’ll get the all clear message, like this:

cwatch malware clean

If malware is found, you’ll get a report with the details, like this:

cwatch malware detected

Remember, the cWatch Basic plan is 100% free and includes the free website malware scanner. Create your free cWatch account here.