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How to Create a MySQL Auto Backup on Your Windows Server

Losing all your data is the biggest nightmare any website administrator can face, even more so than facing a cyber-attack! It is not only a disaster from the security point of view, but it could ruin the very foundation of a business. That’s why, taking regular backups is one of the most important tasks on an administrator’s job task list. Many DBMSs (database management systems) offer easy tools that help admins take backups quite easily. However, some DBMSs, such as MySQL, don’t offer that convenience and that’s why you have to set up MySQL auto backups or MySQL scheduled backups.


MySQL Backup Script for Quick MySQL Backup in Linux/Windows

With weird clothes and geeky spectacles, website administrators look like different animals compared to us. And in many ways, they are. But there’s one thing in common between us and them, and that’s the constant fear of losing all your data and information. Just like we’re afraid of losing all our data from our devices, website administrators are afraid of losing all the data from their web servers. This fear rises with each upload and change made to the data structure. That’s why, backing up data regularly has become a routine for many. If you’re a website administrator, this article will give you MySQL backup script for quick MySQL backup in Linux as well as in Windows. With this script, you won’t need to download any MySQL backup tool.