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Why I Should Conduct an SSL Certificate Price Comparison

An SSL certificate is considered a must-have for any business that operates a website. After all, it’s what enables you to use the HTTPS encrypted protocol to securely transmit data between your end users’ client and your server. As you’ve likely seen when perusing various SSL reseller and certificate authority (CA) websites, though, the prices can vary dramatically from one certificate to the next. But why is that? And what should you consider when you compare SSL certificate prices?


Why Should I Pick HTTPS Instead of HTTP for My Blog?

In the battle of HTTPS instead of HTTP — or vice versa — which comes out on top? Whether you’re holding off on HTTPS because of the rumored costs associated with the protocol or you simply don’t want to go through the hassle of making the switch, it’s something that you need to do. Google deemed it necessary and made it mandatory in 2018 — other major browsers followed suited.


TLS vs SSL vs HTTPS – What’s the Difference?

That’s a great question. Over the past several years, Google and Mozilla have led a push that encourages all websites to switch from HTTP to HTTPS. This has led to a lot more awareness around website security and internet encryption, but many people find the acronyms a bit confusing. And, quite frankly, we can’t blame them — there are a lot of abbreviations to keep track of when it comes to website security! Let’s break down TLS vs SSL vs HTTPS in simple language.


Positive SSL vs Comodo SSL — Are They Really Different?

Although from the same brand, PositiveSSL and Comodo CA branded SSL certificates have a few key differences that makes it easy to differentiate between the two. What is the difference between Positive SSL vs Comodo SSL certificates? The truth is that they’re made for two different purposes — with Positive SSL focusing on the most bang-for-your-buck and Comodo CA providing the most features.


DV vs OV vs EV SSL – Which Certificates Are Good for Site Security?

While website security used to be one of the most overlooked aspects to business owners, the rise of cyberattacks has made taking precautions against attackers no longer optional. That’s why making sure that your website has the proper security measures in place is just as important as checking your office is locked at the end of the day. This is where it’s helpful to compare DV vs OV vs EV SSL certificates to see which solution offers the best security for your website.


OV vs EV SSL — What You Should Know About Them

Understanding the difference between OV vs EV SSL is like understanding the difference between two pairs of shoes. While they both essentially serve the same function — both types of x.509 digital certificates help to facilitate encryption and assert identity — they require different levels of effort and have different features. Some shoes are somewhat inexpensive and are made quickly in mass-production environments. Others involve more individual effort, care, and attention.


A DV vs EV Certificate — Why Should I Choose One Over the Other?

When choosing between a DV vs EV certificate, how do you know which is the better option? That depends on whom you ask. Domain validation (DV) and extended validation (EV) are two types of SSL certificates that you can buy for your website. Well, we say buy, but you can actually get some DV SSL certificates for free. So, why wouldn’t you just do that? Here’s why: Identity is important.


The Difference Between a Digital Signature vs Digital Certificate

Digital signatures vs digital certificates — these are two very different things. You can find one on the other, but it’s important to understand the differences to get a better idea about SSL/TLS and public key infrastructure (PKI) in general.


DV vs OV SSL — The Key Differences Explained

Let’s talk about the differences between domain validation SSL and organization validation SSL. Yeah, it’s one of those “DV vs OV SSL” type of articles. We actually get asked about this quite a bit and, while the names of each are fairly accurate descriptors, we can’t blame you for wanting a little more information.


Cloudflare SSL vs Comodo SSL and Positive SSL

Cloudflare SSL vs Comodo SSL. Two different SSL certificates from two different certificate authorities (CAs). You may be wondering what the differences are and whether one is better than the other. That’s why we’re here — to provide you with a comparison and some context of what each company offers concerning SSL/TLS certificates and encryption.


DigiCert vs Comodo SSL Certificates — What You Should Know

Take the tediousness out of comparing DigiCert vs Comodo SSL certificates

Shopping for SSL certificates for your website can be frustrating — but it doesn’t have to be. That’s why you’re here: to learn about DigiCert vs Comodo CA (powered by Sectigo) and their SSL


SSL: A Client Certificate vs Server Certificate

How client vs server certificates are used for authentication

As of 2018, most website owners are acutely aware of server SSL certificates. Client SSL certificates? Not so much. And that’s a shame because client SSL certificates can play a critical security


Paid vs Free Wildcard SSL — The Ultimate Comparison

Having an SSL certificate is a necessity for customers to feel secure on your site — especially if they’re inputting any data on the site. As more browsers follow Google’s lead in marking all HTTP sites as “not secure,” this is becoming an even more important issue. However, as more companies shift from HTTP to HTTPS, organizations like Let’s Encrypt have made access to free SSL certificates possible in a pursuit of making the web more secure for everyone. This includes free wildcard SSL certificates.


Compare Comodo vs GoDaddy SSL Certificates

Get a side-by-side comparison of these two brands of DV SSL certificates

Looking for a quick and easy way to be compliant with various web browser security requirements? Look no further than SSL digital security certificates. SSL certificates, which stands for “secure


Comodo Code Signing vs GoDaddy Code Signing Certificates

Get a side-by-side comparison of these two brands of code signing certificates

If you are like most customers and find yourself here because you seek to purchase a code signing certificate and want to do your research first, we bid you welcome. At Comodo SSL Store,


Comodo Positive SSL vs. Instant SSL Comparison

What’s the difference between Positive SSL and Instant SSL?

Let’s talk about Positive SSL and Instant SSL certificates for a second. At first glance, a lot of Comodo’s SSL offerings look like they overlap. And that’s true to an extent. Every Comodo SSL certificate has a specific use-case in mind. Part of our job is to help you understand the difference. A lot of Web Hosts offer customers both the Positive SSL and Instant SSL certificates.

So let’s compare them to help you figure out what’s right for you website.


Comodo Positive SSL vs. Let’s Encrypt

Comodo vs Let’s Encrypt…a side-by-side comparison of two the internet’s most popular SSL certificates

Comodo Positive SSL certificates and Let’s Encrypt certificates are two of the most popular SSL certificates being deployed on the internet today. But which one of these two certificates is best for you and your website? Is free really better than paid? Is it better to have a certificate that expires in two years or just three months? Let’s compare Comodo SSL vs. Let’s Encrypt SSL and find out.


Code Signing Certificates Price & Feature Comparison

Code Signing Certificate Comparison - Microsoft SmartScreen

Comodo vs. DigiCert & EV vs Standard Price Comparison: What Code Signing Certificate is the best value?

If you’re comparing prices for code signing certificates, you may have noticed that prices vary significantly by brand and by type.

What’s the difference between the brands and the types of code signing certificates?


Wildcard SSL Certificate Price Comparison

Comparing Costs & Features For Comodo Wildcard SSL Certificates

Looking for the best price on a wildcard ssl certificate? A Wildcard SSL Certificate is a powerful tool for encrypting domains with accompanying sub-domains easily and affordably. One certificate is


Comodo PositiveSSL vs RapidSSL

comodo positive ssl vs rapidssl

Comodo Positive SSL vs Rapid SSL

Comparing two of the most popular SSL certificates on the market: RapidSSL vs Positive SSL

Looking for a cheap DV SSL certificate for your website? Wondering what the difference between two of the most popular SSL certificates on the market? You’ve come to the right place. We’re here to compare Comodo PostiveSSL vs. RapidSSL.