Email Certificates

How to Install a Comodo Email Certificate in Outlook 2016

A step-by-step guide on installing a Comodo S/MIME certificate in your Windows client

Whether you like it or not, email is here to stay. Electronic mail has become an indispensable method of communication for businesses and consumers alike. As such, it’s vital that you protect the


How to Use a Comodo Email Certificate to Secure Your Email

Comodo secure email certificates use encryption to sign and secure your email data

Though it’s likely not at the top of your list of the IT security measures you need to implement, a Comodo email certificate is nevertheless vital to your organization’s security, health, success,


How an Email Certificate Works and Why It’s Necessary for Security

An overview of how an email encryption certificate provides secure email communication

When you send an email through conventional email platforms such as Outlook, Gmail, or Yahoo, the information could be visible to people who know how to look. Emails are bounced around through a series


Comodo Email Certificate Renewal Steps

Step-by-step instructions for renewing your email signing certificate

Renewing your Email Signing Certificate is just as simple as renewing any other Comodo digital certificate, especially when you do it with When your email certificate is set to expire, we will notify you at regular intervals leading up to the deadline.

All you have to do is follow the Comodo email certificate renewal prompts and we’ll have you checked out and ready to go in no time.

How To Start Your Comodo Email


What is an smime.p7s file attachment and how do I open it?

smime digital signature valid

There’s no need to open the s/mime.p7s attachment, it’s just a digital signature

Trying to open an smime.p7s email attachment that looks like this?
smime p7s file

Email and Document Signing Certificates are a fantastic product that haven’t managed to become ubiquitous yet owing to the fact that they are still unsupported by many mail clients. That lack of universal support has led to one of the most common questions people have about their email: what is an smime.p7s file? And how do I open it?


Comodo Encryption For Emails, Documents, & Websites

Comodo CA is the world leader in encryption solutions.

Comodo CA offers a range of encryption options for all use cases. Encryption has never been more important than it is right now. The world has never been more focused on its privacy and good data security is a big part of that.