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How to redirect HTTP to HTTPS in WordPress

WordPress Admin Change HTTP To HTTPS

Easy to follow instructions for migrating WordPress sites to HTTPS

Let’s talk about how to redirect HTTP to HTTPS on your WordPress site. After all, July 2018 is the deadline for websites to install SSL and start being served via HTTPS, lest site owners want their


How To Fix err_ssl_protocol_error On A WordPress Site

wordpress err ssl protocol error

Some common solutions to fixing err_ssl_protocol_error on WordPress

When it comes to SSL-related problems the err_ssl_protocol_error is probably the king. From the user side there are plenty of different things that could be causing the ssl connection error message.


How To Add HTTPS Security To WordPress

WordPress HTTPS

With Google pushing all websites to switch to HTTPS, many website owners are making the jump to add HTTPS to WordPress. Here's how to make the switch to HTTPS, step-by-step.


Do I need an SSL certificate for WordPress?

wordpress ssl

Do you need an SSL certificate for your WordPress site? Google says "Yes"! Starting in July of 2018, HTTPS will become the de facto standard protocol for the internet. That's because Google, whose Chrome browser accounts for three out of every five internet users around the world, plans to start marking any website still served via HTTP as “Not Secure.”


What We Learned About WordPress Security From Crawling 24,000 Websites

WordPress Security

Half of websites use outdated WordPress versions; Only 1/4 of small websites use HTTPS

Concerned about protecting the security of your WordPress website? You should be! Thousands of websites are hacked every day, and because WordPress is used by about 30% of the web it’s a favorite