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TLS vs SSL vs HTTPS: What’s the Difference?

TLS, SSL, HTTPS. TLS vs SSL. SSL vs HTTPS. Acronym soup. The world of website security acronyms can be almost as annoying as that Deangelo Vickers character from the TV show “The Office” if you’re just getting to know about it. Although Deangelo Vickers will always win this battle, in my opinion, at least we can turn him off and watch something else. But when it comes to the acronyms and lingo of the cyber security industry, there’s no option but to learn suck it up and learn them. So, let’s get started by talking about each and what the difference is between SSL and HTTPS, and where TLS fits in.


TLS vs SSL vs HTTPS – What’s the Difference?

That’s a great question. Over the past several years, Google and Mozilla have led a push that encourages all websites to switch from HTTP to HTTPS. This has led to a lot more awareness around website security and internet encryption, but many people find the acronyms a bit confusing. And, quite frankly, we can’t blame them — there are a lot of abbreviations to keep track of when it comes to website security! Let’s break down TLS vs SSL vs HTTPS in simple language.


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