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A DV vs EV Certificate — Why Should I Choose One Over the Other?

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When choosing between a DV vs EV certificate, how do you know which is the better option? The answer depends on whom you ask. Domain validation (DV) and extended validation (EV) are two types of SSL certificates that you can buy for your website. Well, we say buy, but you can actually get some DV SSL certificates for free. So, why wouldn’t you just do that?

Here’s why: Identity is important.

DV vs EV Certificates: Where Does Identity Come into Play?

With the exception of large, preeminent brands, the first time someone arrives on your website is the first time you have an opportunity to make an impression.

One of the ways to do that is by asserting identity, which can be done with the same SSL certificate that facilitates your connection security. A domain validation SSL certificate only identifies the server. Most people don’t know much about servers, so server identity is pretty worthless. Extended validation, on the other hand, provides verified organizational identity information to your visitors. Now they’ll know who is running the website, which provides a sense of assurance and security.

And people are learning to look for this information.

Why EV SSL Certificates Are Better for Identity Than DV

What compounds all of this is that most phishing websites now use free DV SSL certificates. People are getting used to seeing DV information associated with malicious websites. That means if you put a DV certificate on your site, you may be mistaken for a less savory domain.

Not the case with EV. An EV SSL certificate leaves no doubt as to whom is behind this website. And when you have that much information available, it kind of serves as a deterrent to fraud and cybercrime given that there’s now a paper trail. That helps you to establish trust with customers, which gives them confidence to buy from you.

Granted, DV does have some strengths. It encrypts just like any other SSL certificate. And it can be issued fast. Plus… no, that’s it.

An extended validation certificate, on the other hand:

  • offers high assurance,
  • is required for European banks, and
  • has been proven to improve return traffic and conversions.

This is why, when comparing a DV vs EV certificate, extended validation beats domain validation hands down. Woo! Commerce!

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