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Can I Get a Free EV SSL Certificate?

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Where can I get a free EV SSL certificate to show my verified company name on my website?

If you’re looking for an EV SSL certificate, congratulations — you’ve chosen the most exclusive, highly verified SSL certificate for your website. It’s a great way to provide your customers with the maximum information possible so they know they can trust your website.

Free EV SSL Certificates

Unfortunately, there are no certificate authorities that offer free EV SSL certificates, and it’s pretty certain there never will be. (More on why below.)

The Cheapest EV SSL Certificate Option

Since free EV SSLs aren’t an option, the next best thing is a low-cost EV SSL certificate. The good news? We can definitely help you with that:

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The PositiveSSL EV is the lowest priced EV SSL certificate, and it comes with all the extras such as a site seal and a $1 million warranty.

Why Are There No Free EV SSL Certificates?

It’s a simple matter of cost. Specifically, the cost of validation.

A domain validation (DV) SSL certificate, which requires the most basic level of validation, can be issued automatically by a certificate authority. The only validation required is domain validation — typically done via an automated email, automated DNS check, or automated file verification. There’s no human involvement — it’s all done by a streamlined, automated system.

An EV SSL certificate validation process, on the other hand, is quite different. In addition to automated domain validation, an EV SSL certificate requires in-depth validation of the website owner’s company details. Depending on the scenario, this includes:

  • Reviewing the enrollment form.
  • Locating and confirming the legal organization details.
  • Locating and confirming the company’s operational existence.
  • Reviewing a professional opinion letter.
  • Locating, contacting, and verifying the professional (CPA, attorney, etc.).
  • Completing one or more verification phone calls.

As you can see, completing EV validation requires significant manual effort from employees of the certificate authority. That’s why there are no free EV SSL certificates – completing validation for free EV SSL certs would cost a lot of money. So your best option is to choose a low-cost EV SSL certificate such as the PositiveSSL EV certificate.

EV SSL Benefits

Even though there’s no free EV SSL option, the benefits make the price more than worth it for most companies:

  • Allows customers to see your verified company details, giving them the details they need to trust your website.
  • Enables antivirus software to use your verified company details to mark your website as a legitimate website that shouldn’t be blocked.
  • Ensures you’re complying with relevant regulations in the European Union (EU) and elsewhere.
  • Protects you with the highest value warranties available.

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