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How Do I Get SSL Certificate with Company Name?

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Business authentication SSL certificates include verified organizational details

There are two types of SSL certificates — those that are domain validated (DV) and others that are business validated. And among the business validated certificates, there are two different levels: organization validation (OV) and extended validation (EV). If you want an SSL certificate with your company name, you’re going to need to purchase either an OV or EV SSL certificate because domain validation certificates won’t do the trick.

Let’s break down what OV and EV SSL certificates are and how they can help you get SSL with your company name attached to it.

What is an OV SSL Certificate?

OV SSL certificates are the original type of SSL certificate. Originally designed to encrypt IP addresses, OV certificates play a much more specific role now that Server Name Indication (SNI) is proliferated. They’re often used by enterprises on internal networks, in addition to being the highest level of validation available with a wildcard SSL certificate. (Keep this in mind if you want to secure a primary domain and a bunch of subdomains with one certificate.)

Unlike when you choose a DV certificate, when you select on OV SSL certificate, you’ll be asked to undergo a business vetting process that includes verifying your location and operational status. This can generally take a few days, but the process can also be expedited if your company’s registration information is publicly available. When an end user clicks on the padlock in their address bar, they’ll see the verified organizational details in the certificate information. This is a powerful way to assert identity and build trust with site visitors.

What is an EV SSL Certificate?

EV stands for extended validation, which is exactly what it sounds like. This is a deep business vetting that requires several steps. The benefit is a unique browser user interface (UI) that, depending on which browser you’re using, can display your organization’s name prominently in the address bar. This is, hands down, the best way to assert website identity.

Now, obviously when more validation needs to be performed, it can take a little bit longer. But, again, if your organization’s information is publicly available — or you can furnish the right documentation — the process can be expedited. And keep in mind, if your organization is legitimate, validation should be painless. Plus, the benefits are undeniable.

How Do I Get an OV or EV SSL Certificate with My Company Name?

You buy one from a trusted certificate authority (CA). Well, maybe not directly from the CA — that can be a little expensive. CA retail pricing can run a little pricy. That’s why SSL resellers like exist. We move high volumes and get dirt cheap pricing. Part of why we move such high volumes is we sell certificates at razor thin margins. Sometimes as much 85% below MSRP!

You can get an SSL certificate with your company name on it a lot more affordably than you think.

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